5 Ways a Bathroom Renovation Can Add Value to Your Home

5 Ways a Bathroom Renovation Can Add Value to Your Home

Think about it – what is the first thing a prospective buyer sees when you put your house up for sale?

Prospective buyers will check your kitchen, of course. You know how important a beautifully designed, clean and well-kept modern kitchen is to your house.

What is just as important as your kitchen is your bathroom(s) – never ignore the bathrooms. As per the Appraisal Institute of Canada, a $10,000 investment on bathroom renovations could easily add $7,500 to the value of your house.

That is why at the Calgary-based Bow Valley Kitchens, while our main services include kitchen design, kitchen remodelling, and kitchen renovations for the Calgary and Canmore areas, we also focus on custom bathroom cabinet design, remodelling, and renovations.

Here are 5 Ways a Bathroom Renovation Can Add Value to Your Home

#1: Change the shower head – Are you using a very old shower head? There are so many stylish and highly advanced shower heads in the market these days, which come with special settings such as a “rain” setting and make you feel like you’re at a spa. Also, these new-age shower heads conserve water. What’s not to like?

#2: Improve the lighting – One quick and easy thing that always improves the look and feel of a bathroom is the lighting. Bathrooms should be bright and warm, not dark and dingy. Adding bright LED bulbs and large mirrors to the bathroom walls can transform the ambience completely. Worth a try.

#3: Change or repair the faucets – Do you have leaky faucets in the bathroom? That can turn buyers off. The faucets should be perfectly functional and tightly sealed. Replace the old, leaky faucets with the new, modern, water saving options that are available in most hardware stores.  

#4: Add a second sink – if you have a large bathroom, you may want to consider adding a second sink to it. That is a good use of space and saves time as well – you and your partner and the kids get to use their own sink in the morning. At least you won’t be late for work or school! Also, the second sink will have the same water and drain lines as the first sink, so this can be done easily from the plumbing perspective.

#5: Spruce up the storage space – Any modern bathroom has sufficient storage space. Plan the storage with care, make the most of the awkward, hard to reach spaces that every bathroom has. Add tall vertical drawers, sliding compartment trays and custom cabinets to the bathroom.

Bathroom renovations are not just about adding value to your home – they also make your house much more comfortable for day to day living. There is nothing quite like having a relaxing shower in a beautiful bathroom after a hard day at work.

Bow Valley Kitchens is a trusted kitchen and bathroom renovation, redesign and remodelling business in the Calgary and Canmore areas. Our team of bathroom renovation experts will conduct a quick inspection of your bathroom(s), discuss your budget and various requirements, make recommendations of our own, and carry out the bathroom renovation, redesign, or remodelling after we receive your approval.

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