Bathroom Cabinet Styles

Bathroom Cabinet Styles

Most people think of bathroom cabinets as a one-size-fits-all deal, but there are actually a surprising number of bathroom cabinets that are designed to fit a range of bathroom sizes, types and personal interior styles.

Bathroom cabinets are an essential part of any bathroom; not only do they take up a significant amount of aesthetic space, but they also serve a highly practical function as the primary location for storage in a bathroom. That is why choosing the right type of bathroom cabinet style is so important. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular bathroom cabinet styles currently available in modern homes.

Flat cabinets

Flat cabinets are designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. Flat cabinets feature minimal details and hardware, so they are perfect for all types of modern/contemporary bathroom styles. They come in a wide variety of colours and options and are highly affordable compared to more complex bathroom cabinet options, which makes them ideal for homeowners on a budget.

Distressed cabinets

Distressed cabinets feature a faux weathered look that is perfect for any homeowners who love a rustic, vintage style. This particular look is highly distinct and will look right at home in a shabby chic or farmhouse style bathroom; though it can also look memorable in a modern bathroom as a contrast to polished metals and crystal lighting.

Louvred style cabinets

Louvred style cabinets have some of the most distinct looks of any cabinet type: they feature Louvered style slats which, rather than overlapping, have slats which are placed next to one another to create proper ventilation. Louvred style cabinets are ideal when you need or want ventilated cabinets in your bathroom.

Shaker style cabinets

Shaker style cabinets are more common in kitchens but they have been making a comeback in bathrooms in recent years. Shaker style cabinets feature a utilitarian style which offers clean lines and a versatile yet elegant look which will appeal to many homeowners.

Choosing a Cabinet Finish

Once you choose a cabinet style, you should look into the type of cabinet finish you want for your bathroom. The most common finishes are paints, stains, glazes, varnishes and water-based UVs.

Paints are the simplest type of finish and provide an opaque-colour to the top of the cabinet. Stains are used to enhance the natural look of wood cabinets while providing a more robust, rich look. Glazes are a semi-transparent colour which is usually used on top of stains or paints rather than on its own; glazes add more texture and dimension to whatever is underneath and should be used accordingly. Water-based UVs can be used in the same way as paints, glazes and varnishes; the difference is that they are water-based and contain no types of toxic chemicals. Varnishes are applied on top of dried paints and stains to provide additional protection; varnishes may or may not be tinted.

If you are choosing your bathroom cabinets, make sure you consider the above guide when you are trying to decide on the style and type of finish you want for your bathroom. If you’re in need of some design help and don’t know where to start, don’t worry! Our team of professional designers will help build the perfect bathroom setup to ensure you get exactly what you want. Book a consultation today or visit one of our showrooms!