Modern Bathroom Cabinets

Designing your modern bathroom doesn’t have to be a complex affair. Your bathroom can become a stylish haven of comfort with just a few adjustments and modifications. 

Considering that we use our bathrooms on a daily basis, it is essential that whatever design you choose for your bathroom is both stylish and functional; as such, you need to combine different aspects architecture, furniture, and interior elements to create a truly amazing space that is refreshingly enjoyable to use. There is a wide range of bathroom design to choose from, from simple DIY setups to complex designs that encompass varying elements. Bow Valley Kitchens designs and installs custom bathroom cabinets that are the definition of luxury, and use style elements that will be relevant for years to come.

Simplistic & Minimalist Bathroom Design

We are increasingly becoming a minimalist conscious society where people prefer uncluttered spaces with only the essentials. To achieve this objective, it is essential that you keep open spaces free from unnecessary clutter by storing away non-essential items such as toiletries that are not regularly used in built-in shelves and custom cabinets.

When choosing décor for your minimalist bathroom design, keep in mind the use of geometric shapes, natural colors, lighting and mirrors, shelves and cabinets, prints, potted plants etc. that meets your overall objective and space consideration.

Freestanding Bathtubs

A freestanding bathtub is an essential element of modern bathroom design. To achieve a stylish look and feel it is important to consider the shape (rectangular, oval-shaped, pedestal) and the positioning of the bathtub in order to enhance your bathrooms’ feng shui.


Intermeshing organic elements with modern design creates an indoor-outdoor feel in your bathroom. Adding indoor plants to your bathroom can liven up the space.

Bathroom Lighting

Though the ideal option for your bathroom lighting needs is natural light, there are plenty of lighting alternative available for your modern bathroom design.

When picking the best light for your bathroom it is important to consider the quality, placement area, and the actual light fixture. However, of all the three considerations quality of light is more essential. Also, consider geometric shapes, lines, and other elements before settling on the best fit for your modern bathroom.

Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are an integral part of every bathroom whether modern or not. However, modern bathroom designs feature stylishly designed mirrors. Depending on your taste, you can choose from a wide array of mirror designs that seek to achieve your style objective.

Some of the common mirror ideas include; having one large mirror or multiple mirrors, merging different mirror shapes to create intricate designs, mixing and matching different mirror shapes and sizes in a gallery-wall-style arrangement among others. The key here is to come up with a design that is stylish and functional.

Furniture & Fixtures

Shelves and cabinets are basic elements of a modern bathroom design, often used to stack away accessories and other essentials. Therefore, it is important to select shelves and cabinets that complement your bathrooms theme.

Additionally, sinks and faucets, and medicine cabinets are important fixtures of a modern bathroom. When selecting these fixtures, take into consideration the available space and your needs. Modern bathroom design encompasses the various elements listed above; however, the right selection comes down to the space available to you and your needs.

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