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Bow Valley Kitchens is Calgary & Canmore, Alberta’s sources for luxury kitchen design and custom kitchen cabinet installation services. Our team of professionals will work with you to design a kitchen of your dreams. Whether your design is modern, traditional, or somewhere in between, Bow Valley is here to turn that dream kitchen idea into a reality. We provide information, guides, and tips to getting your dream kitchen.

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Modern Kitchen Design

Sharp lines and high-gloss finishes are the features that make up the modern design style for kitchen cabinets. Our experts are on top of all design trends in the luxury kitchen market, and Bow Valley Kitchens only uses the best products from premier cabinet makers such as Siematic. Contact our team today to learn more about modern designed kitchen cabinets and how to get started.

Traditional Kitchen Design

Intricately designed doors with beautiful details, along with wood and/or composite finishes are what make a luxury cabinet be considered in the traditional category. Using only the best cabinet designs and products from premier companies such as Sollera and Old World, your imagination is the only limitation in building your dream traditional design kitchen. Bring a rich and luxurious feel to the heart of your home with our traditional design experts at Bow Valley today.

Transitional Kitchen Design

A transitional design is a blend between modern sharp lines and high-gloss finishes, matched with the details and luxurious feel of traditionally designed kitchen cabinets. Essentially, a transitional design provides your luxury kitchen with the best of both worlds. Many times our clients have struggles with choosing one style over another, and many homes can have both modern and traditionally designed elements to match, and this is where transitional kitchen design can be used to blend future and classic together. Contact one of our experts for a consultation to learn which design is best suited for your home by filling out our consultation form today.