Cabinetry plays roles in the function and aesthetics of any kitchen or bathroom space. Cabinetry provides the bulk of the storage space in kitchens and bathrooms while providing an aesthetic appeal that accentuates the room.

Custom kitchen and or bathroom cabinetry provide a specialized and personal approach to the aesthetics and design. Don’t let cheap or poorly designed bathroom or kitchen cabinets hinder the overall appeal of your home. The cabinetry experts at Bow Valley Kitchens are here to help with your cabinetry needs, from design to installation our team of cabinetry experts can provide a range of cabinetry expertise and services for your home.

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Custom Cabinetry

Bow Valley Kitchens designs, manufactures and installs custom kitchen cabinets for homeowners & developers across Calgary and Canmore. Our team of professional interior designers and custom cabinet contractors can help with the steps of your custom cabinetry projects. The Bow Valley Kitchens showrooms in Calgary & Canmore have ranges of amazing custom cabinet ideas to help guide and provide your cabinetry project inspiration. Bow Valley Kitchens only work with top of the line custom cabinet manufacturers like Solerra, Old World, and acclaimed German manufacturer SieMatic cabinets.

Cabinetry Styles

Custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets can be designed to match any theme or room style in your home. Modern, contemporary, transitional, traditional, and blended styles of custom cabinets can be created to help you get your dream cabinets.  The style and designs of your custom cabinetry are what makes the cabinets an extension of yourself. Feel free to visit a Bow Valley Kitchens showroom to view the varieties of stunning custom kitchen cabinets styles!

Kitchen Cabinetry

Custom kitchens by Bow Valley Kitchens deserve the best and that is why they are equipped with gorgeous custom cabinetry from the leading manufacturers. Our custom kitchen cabinets are installed to provide a consentient and complete feel to the kitchen space. Custom kitchen cabinetry provides the kitchen with a personal approach to the overall aesthetics and design of the home. Our custom kitchen cabinets provide innovative, personalized and top of the line design, storage space, and functionality.

Bathroom Cabinetry

Custom bathroom cabinetry cannot be overlooked in the design and build of your bathroom remodel or renovation. Residential bathrooms can see major benefits when utilizing custom cabinets. Bathroom cabinetry can be crafted to optimize functionality, levels of comfort, and aesthetics for a truly customized space. Get the most from your custom bathroom space with custom cabinetry from Bow Valley Kitchens. Our team of professional designers and installation contractors, coupled with our network of amazing manufacturers can create the ideal cabinetry for your bathroom.

Cabinetry Installation

Proper installation of your custom design and built cabinetry is vital to getting the most from the cabinets. Improper installation processes can lead to damaged cabinets, unappealing layouts, and non-functioning cabinets. Make sure your cabinets reach their full potential with professional cabinetry installation services. The cabinetry installation contracts at Bow Valley Kitchens have the skills and experience to perfectly install your custom cabinetry. Contact Bow Valley Kitchens today with your Canmore or Calgary custom cabinetry installation needs!