Features of a Contemporary Kitchen

The design traits and appearances of a contemporary kitchen are becoming increasingly common as people look for a design that is clean and modern. Contemporary kitchens are designed to help a home look bigger, brighter and cleaner. If you are looking to undergo a kitchen remodel and considering a contemporary kitchen design, here are a few basic features of a contemporary kitchen.


Contemporary Kitchens Often Use Natural Materials

Like many other trends; contemporary kitchens take advantage of simple, natural materials such as wood, stone, and quartz. When designing a contemporary kitchen a homeowner should look for cabinets and countertops that utilize natural materials. Using natural materials combined with a contrasting and general colour scheme a home owner can get the aesthetic appeal of a contemporary kitchen. Using natural materials a contemporary kitchen can create a warm look without it being too overwhelming or resulting in the kitchen heading into a country or rustic style.


Kitchen Flooring

The flooring used in a contemporary kitchen should be clean, utilizing crips and sharp edges that are relatively simple. Contemporary kitchens often have flooring that incorporates straight, flat floor tiles, elongated board tiles and tiles that are free from messy or complicated patterns. In a contemporary kitchen the goal of the floor is not to stand out, it is there to complement the design and colours.


Kitchen Lighting

No matter the kitchen design the lighting in a kitchen should accentuate the appeal. In a contemporary kitchen the lighting should embody two characteristics.

  1. Kitchen lighting should allow for plenty of natural light and use artificial light when necessary, this helps keep the appearance of a contemporary kitchen simple and clean. Contemporary kitchens are all about the utilization of natural light. Natural light opens up the space, making it more vibrant providing a clean and inviting feeling. When designing a contemporary kitchen the use of large kitchen window and sliding doors can help to increase the natural light.
  2. Contemporary kitchens use modern and efficient lighting options. When designing a contemporary kitchen you are looking for lighting fixtures that have a simple design and are minimalist in nature—the cleaner the lines of the fixtures, the better.


Kitchen Fixtures

The plumbing and cabinet fixtures in contemporary kitchens are often made from a polished chrome material. The use of polished chrome fixtures helps to accentuate the contemporary look while contrasting nicely with the natural materials used in the kitchen. Contemporary kitchens can vary greatly in colour scheme but how the fixtures blend with the colours is important in the design.


Colour Scheme

When designing a contemporary kitchen, one of the most important elements is the colour scheme. The colours used in a contemporary kitchen will determine the types of natural materials you use, the cabinets you are installing, the style of the floor, the lighting and plumbing fixtures. A common misconception of contemporary kitchens is that they are usually a light colour or white, a contemporary kitchen does not have to be all white or all grey. The design and colours used in a contemporary kitchen should  provide contrast. Having medium grey cabinets against white countertops or a red accent wall against white-grey cabinets; using contrasting colours grabs the eye, modernizes a room and gives a definite “wow!” factor while being minimalistic at the same time.


Other Considerations in a Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are complex yet simple. It is important that a contemporary kitchen is clutter-free. A contemporary kitchen design avoids having unnecessary features on the counters and pulls away from busy décor on the walls. A contemporary kitchen should utilize the cabinet space effectively, even using the space under an island. A contemporary kitchen takes advantage of cabinet space to hide kitchen clutter.