Custom Cabinetry Design

Custom cabinetry helps establish the foundation and design of your kitchen. The design of the custom cabinetry you use in your kitchen is vital to the look and functionality of the kitchen. The preferences and style of the homeowners are crafted into beautiful cabinetry that is built to suit their needs.

Custom cabinetry designs apply the unique, creative and innovative ideas needed to create a custom kitchen. Working with a kitchen designer can help to craft the kitchen of your dreams. Contact Bow Valley Kitchens and visit one of our luxury kitchen showrooms for a variety of kitchen ideas and cabinetry design styles for your upcoming kitchen project. 

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Custom Cabinetry Design

The design of your custom cabinetry is can be as complicated or as simplistic as you desire. Different kitchen styles determine the design of the cabinetry, a modern kitchen style boasts flat panel cabinets, while a traditional kitchen style has crafted wood moldings. Determining the style is the first step in the design of the cabinetry, once that is established the materials, colours and design can all be crafted. 

Modern Cabinetry Design

Modern custom cabinetry utilize advanced and efficient designs that incorporate styles that are influenced by the latests kitchen trends. Boasting the highest level of functionality modern cabinets have a very sleek and clean look. Modern cabinets have an emphasis on defined edges, clear shapes, and occasionally use steel panels and granite in place of wood. The flat panels and contrasting colour combinations make modern cabinetry designs an upscale addition to any kitchen. 

Contemporary Cabinetry Design

Contemporary cabinets have a hybrid design, that uses various aspects of innovative modern cabinetry with a more classic cabinet styles.  Contemporary custom cabinetry designs can embody the same sleek and efficient look of a modern kitchen while aiming to make a more warm and welcoming atmosphere that is more conventional in appearance. Contemporary cabinets are perfect for a homeowner that enjoys a modern kitchen but is looking for a more conventional space.

Transitional Cabinetry Design

If you are looking for cabinets that provide the feel of a classic kitchen but have more advanced and innovative functions, then consider a transitional cabinetry design. The design elements of transitional cabinetry designs are based on a variety of styles ranging from the most modern to the most traditional of kitchens. Transitional cabinetry can provide top features from a variety of other cabinet design styles.

Traditional Cabinetry Design

Classic, timeless, welcoming, elegant and soft are all ways to describe traditional cabinetry.  Traditional cabinetry designs favor classic 18-20th-century styles and concepts; which create formal, warm, and luxurious cabinets with a timeless appeal. At Bow Valley Kitchens we aim to create classic and elegant cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom using traditional inspiration and themes. 

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design

There are very few things that please the custom cabinetry professionals at Bow Valley Kitchens more than providing top quality cabinetry and kitchen services to our valued Calgary clients. We have been designing custom cabinets in Calgary for decades, crafting custom kitchen projects that are enjoyed by our clients and everyone who visits their home. Our team of professional designers and installers will create a gorgeous custom cabinetry design, based on the requests and requirements of our clients.  No matter what cabinet design style you are drawn to; the team at Bow Valley Kitchens can craft a custom kitchen tailored to you and your home.