Custom Kitchen Remodel

A custom kitchen remodel transitions an old an obsolete kitchen to a new kitchen, with upgraded appliances, custom cabinetry, and modern design. A kitchen remodel can increase the overall aesthetics and functionality of a kitchen, creating more storage, increasing the flow/space, and become a beautiful room in the process. 

The kitchen and cabinet contractors at Bow Valley Kitchens provide custom kitchen remodeling services in Calgary and Canmore. We provide a number of services from design to cabinetry installation, if you are considering undergoing a kitchen remodel visit a Bow Valley Kitchens showroom.

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Custom Kitchen Remodel Services

Professional custom kitchen remodel services turn your existing kitchen space, into the kitchen of your dreams. From altered layout to new color schemes, and new appliances, custom kitchen remodels allow for homeowners to redefine and reinvigorate their existing kitchen. Bow Valley Kitchens provides kitchen remodeling services in Calgary & Canmore, designing and installing custom kitchen solutions and cabinetry for kitchens and bathrooms.

Custom Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Your dream custom kitchen ideas can become your everyday reality, with the help of Bow Valley Kitchens. Our team of expert kitchen planners and interior designers can help transform your kitchen ideas into a custom kitchen design that is tailored to your needs and style. During a kitchen consultation, we can help generate and showcase numerous kitchen remodel ideas and concepts. Our luxury kitchen showroom has numerous cabinets and layouts to help with the creative conception.

Custom Kitchen Remodel Styles

There are a number of kitchen styles and themes to consider before undergoing a kitchen remodel. Before starting the remodel it is important to choose and reaffirm a consistent theme, some of the common kitchen design styles include; Modern, Contemporary, Transitional, Traditional, Rustic, European among others. Many kitchen styles combine and take a blend of a number of styles to create a truly unique kitchen. Choosing the kitchen style for your remodel will set the foundation of the design, and create an atmosphere to be enjoyed for years to come.

Custom Kitchen Remodel Process

The process associated with a custom kitchen remodel varies project to project, as each kitchen is different. The general process includes a consultation, planning, design, installation, and completion. The various customizations can alter the duration and the steps involved such as the style, appliances cabinetry and layout all become influences of the process. The remodel process can usually begin with a design, then a build and plan process, and finally an installation of custom cabinetry. For more information on the Bow Valley Kitchens’ custom kitchen remodel process, visit a showroom, or contact our team today!

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Custom kitchen cabinetry is an important fixture in a kitchen remodel, setting the style and layout of the future kitchen. The cabinetry is often the front facing and most visible part of a kitchen, because of this the cabinet design and creation cannot be overlooked during the kitchen remodel process. Custom kitchen cabinet remodels provide a great addition to an existing kitchen, or accentuate the design of a new kitchen. Custom kitchen cabinets provide a range of great benefits from functionality, aesthetics, and personalized of customization of your home.