Custom Kitchen Styles

Style of your kitchen is a reflection of your own personality. Kitchen style is dictated by its lines, colours, and wood species.

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Shaker Kitchen Style

The Shakers were a religious group from England-originating in the 1700’s. Their focus on simplicity carried through to their home building design. What we call shaker design today is a reflection of this group’s philosophy. This is created using non-embellished clean lines.

Contemporary Kitchen Style

Modern kitchen design is heavily influenced from European design where sharp lines and functionality are paramount. This has opened the door to exciting new options in layout and color choices often leaning toward exotic woods and the latest in innovative gadgets.

Traditional Kitchen Styles

Timeless and ornate. Naturally elegant. Tasteful employment of intricate mouldings. These designs have stood the test of time.

Rustic Kitchen Styles

Knotty wood and rough edges. These kitchens are often associated with mountain and lake settings, ski lodges, and weathered cabins. They should give you a feeling of warmth and coziness.