Custom Kitchens

Bow Valley Kitchens supplies, designs & installs custom kitchens in Calgary and Canmore. We are a luxurious kitchen builder, that provides luxurious kitchens that are designed for aesthetic beauty and optimal functionality. As one of Souther Alberta’s premier kitchen contractors, we pride ourselves on our dedication to premium products and industry leading customer service.

We have spent years servicing the communities we live in, providing truly unique custom kitchen designs that customised to the individual styles and preferences of our clients. Our custom kitchen designer will work with you to design the kitchen of your dreams, ensuring that your dream kitchen is perfect in every detail.

To schedule a custom kitchen consultation contact us or come by one of our luxurious custom kitchen showrooms.

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets are one of the defining factors in determining the look and functionality of a custom kitchen. Custom kitchen cabinets can be sleek and modern or carved to accentuate a traditional appeal. We have the designers and experience to match your taste and find your ideal cabinets, with a look and style that is sure to last the test of time. Our custom kitchens are designed and installed to match style with functionality and that starts and ends with the custom cabinetry we instal in each kitchen we work on.

Custom Kitchen Ideas

At Bow Valley Kitchens we love inspiring our clients with unique and contemporary custom kitchen ideas. We design and illustrate numerous kitchen concepts, while also showcasing a number of luxurious custom kitchens in our gallery and custom kitchen showrooms. The initial step in designing and constructing any custom kitchen is generating a number of different kitchen ideas, to ensure our clients always get the kitchen of their dreams!

Custom Kitchen Design

We work with a number of professional custom kitchen designers, that specialize in a variety of kitchen styles. Our diverse knowledge and years of experience ensure that our clients get a truly custom kitchen that is unique in every detail. Our custom kitchen designers will work with you to create a floorplan and find the ideal cabinetry for your custom kitchen. Contact us today to schedule a custom kitchen design consultation.

Custom Kitchen Renovations

If you are a Calgary or Canmore homeowner and are looking for a luxurious custom kitchen renovation, contact Bow Valley Kitchens for a custom kitchen consultation. We have spent decades designing and renovating custom kitchens throughout Southern Alberta, transitioning our client’s kitchens to a magnificent living space that will last decades. Our custom kitchen renovations match style with functionality ensuring that each custom kitchen renovation we complete has the longevity expected from a Bow Valley Kitchen.

Modern Custom Kitchens

Modern custom kitchens use sharp edges, high gloss finishes, and sleek design to accentuate colours and boast design features. At Bow Valley Kitchens we design and build beautiful modern kitchens that are customised in every detail. Using industry leading modern cabinet manufacturers like SieMatic & Old World we create the modern kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today for a modern custom kitchen consultation.

Contemporary Custom Kitchens

We treat each kitchen we construct like a work of art, combining artistic expression with contemporary designs we craft and build our clients dream kitchens. Contemporary kitchens use trends and designs that represent the present styles and ideas. Our kitchen designers are experienced with a wide variety of styles and contemporary kitchen designs. If you are looking for a contemporary custom kitchen contact Bow Valley Kitchens today!

Traditional Custom Kitchens

A traditional custom kitchen by Bow Valley Kitchens combines modern technology with tried and true, traditional designs. Using dark, wooden towns, classic and timeless styles we design and craft a truly custom traditional kitchen in your home. If you enjoy the luxurious feel of a traditional kitchen, contact us for a custom kitchen consultation.

Transitional Custom Kitchens

A transitional custom kitchen combines the styles of both modern and traditional kitchens, it is essentially the best of both worlds.  Transitional kitchens use the warmth and welcoming feel of a traditional kitchen while using the clean and modern look of a modern kitchen. A transitional kitchen offers a homeowner flexibility as it allows them to choose between two unique styles without limiting themselves to one or the other, contact us today for a custom transitional kitchen consultation.

Custom Kitchens Calgary

Bow Valley Kitchens has been designing, installing and renovating custom kitchens in Calgary and surrounding areas for years, providing industry-leading customer service and product quality. We are dedicated to providing the best when it comes to custom kitchen services, come visit our Calgary luxury showroom for custom kitchen ideas and inspiration!

Custom Kitchens Canmore

The only thing that compares to the beauty of a custom kitchen from Bow Valley Kitchens is the magnificent views enjoyed by the residences of Canmore and Banff. Bow Valley Kitchens proudly has a luxurious custom kitchen showroom in the beautiful mountain town of Canmore, come visit us for custom kitchen ideas and designs for your Canmore home.