Elements of a Luxury Kitchen

Luxury kitchens provide a custom design that is suited to your lifestyle and preferences. A luxury kitchen uses top of the market lighting, countertop materials, custom cabinets and high-end appliances. Luxury kitchens create a unique and inviting living space that mixes aesthetic beauty with a flawless design and modern functionality.

Bow Valley Kitchens can design and install your luxury kitchen. Our kitchen and cabinet professionals can help ensure that your luxury kitchen looks the way you dreamed it would.  Contact Bow Valley Kitchens for a luxury kitchen consultation, or come visit our luxury kitchen showroom. Elements of a luxury kitchen include; luxurious design, personalized materials, energy efficiency, custom lighting, detailed architecture.

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Custom Kitchen Design

A luxury kitchen is designed to meet your cooking and entertaining needs, it utilizes both manufactured and natural elements. A luxury kitchen design has proper pathway space, flow, functionality and an abundance of storage. When designing or generating ideas for your luxury kitchens carefully considering the space design. Feel free to contact Bow Valley Kitchens with your luxury kitchen design needs!

Materials & Appliances

The customization and personalization of a kitchen is one of the leading factors that determine a luxury kitchen, but the customization is nearly limitless. A luxury kitchen can use various woods, stones, and metals that work together to set the tone and design of the kitchen. As the homeowner, you have the ability to select the materials used and the appliances within the kitchen. Luxury kitchens usually incorporate high-end appliances such as stoves, ovens & fridges.

Eco-Friendly & High Efficiency

Luxury kitchens are often designed and built to be energet efficient. Energy-efficient appliances can help your home be more environmentally friendly and save you money on costly energy bills. Energy efficient lighting and water heating option can be used to further the “green” efforts in your home. Kitchen space insulation can also create a more comfortable space as well as save homeowners money by lowering heating expenses. If you are looking for an efficient luxuty kitchen visit a Bow Valley Kitchens showroom.

Lighting Design & Fixtures

The lighting in your luxury kitchen set the tone and define the atmosphere of the space. Your kitchen can be designed to utilize various lighting technologies and natural lighting elements, luxury kitchens combine artificial with natural lighting. Most luxurious kitchens use efficient and LED lighting to generate the needed artificial light. Often in luxury kitchens you notice custom lighting fixtures, these can further promote the personalized aesthetics of your luxury kitchen.

Architecture & Design Elements

The level of craftsmanship and detail to match the home’s architecture is one element that truly set luxury kitchens apart from the average kitchen. Utilizing architectural designs from the rest of your home and create a custom and comfortable kitchen interior, is what we aim to achieve at Bow Valley Kitchens. Luxury kitchens utilize many of the natural aspects to bridge the gaps between the indoors and outdoors. Bow Valley Kitchens professional kitchen interior designers can help with all your luxury kitchen design needs!