Custom cabinets play major roles in the functionality and aesthetics of a custom kitchen. There are several types of cabinet styles that can help your custom kitchen space to reach its design and storage potential while showcasing your personal character. One type of custom cabinets that can be ideal for your kitchen space is European custom kitchen cabinets.

European custom kitchen cabinets often embody man-made materials and flat surfaces that improve the function and storage space.   To make sure that European Kitchen Cabinets exceed your requirements and cabinetry goals, make sure a professional handles the design, the manufacturing and installation of your custom cabinetry.

The team at Bow Valley Kitchens can help with all your Calgary and Canmore European kitchen cabinet needs. Our team has the skills, experience and passion to design and craft your custom European cabinets. We work with industry leading german cabinet manufacturer SieMatic to provide modern kitchen cabinets with european authenticity. Contact Bow Valley Kitchens today to help with your upcoming European kitchen cabinet projects!

European Kitchen Cabinetry

European kitchen cabinets can represent the ideal cabinetry system for your kitchen. Our European kitchen cabinets are made custom to suit your lifestyle, design preferences and storage needs, improving on your existing kitchen space.  European kitchen cabinets by SieMatic are known for improving functionality and aesthetics, winning countless international awards for their implementation of industry leading designs and revolutionary storage systems.


European Kitchen Cabinet Consultation

Homeowners have the opportunity to completely customize their kitchen cabinets through a consultation at our luxury showroom. If you enjoy the sleek design and authenticity of european cabinetry contact us, a professional Bow Valley Kitchens designer can help you to design the most stunning European kitchen that match your design preferences and while improving on the functionality of your home. Call or email Bow Valley Kitchens today to schedule a European kitchen cabinet consultation!


Modern European Kitchen Cabinets

Modern European Kitchen cabinets can provide the storage space and luxury aesthetics that your new, existing or upcoming custom kitchen space deserves. Clean, sleek frameless designs, coupled with the specialized approach that Bow Valley Kitchens takes to all our cabinet projects will leave you with ideal modern  kitchen you have dreamed of. Modern European kitchen cabinets improve not only the storage and visual appeal but ties together your overall custom kitchen design. Contact the modern European kitchen cabinet professional at Bow Valley Kitchens for ideas, styles advice, and more!


European Kitchen Cabinet Design

There are several kitchen designs that will determine the style of the kitchen. European Kitchen Cabinets can create a design template that utilizes traditional craftsmanship with modern designs. Whether you have a modern, contemporary, transitional, traditional or blended kitchen theme, European kitchen cabinets can improve the look and feel of the custom kitchen.  European kitchen cabinets often utilize very long lasting and strong materials, with frameless edges that create a spacious and clean feel within the kitchen space. 


European Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

European kitchen cabinet ideas can provide the guidance & inspiration needed to develop the kitchen design. Your European kitchen cabinet ideas help to provide the effective goals for the cabinet renovation or new construction project. The cabinet designers at Bow Valley Kitchens are here to help, shape, guide and utilize your unique European kitchen cabinet ideas to create great designs for your upcoming home project. Contact Bow Valley Kitchens today or visit our showroom to view several great European kitchen cabinet ideas!


European Kitchen Cabinet With Bow Valley Kitchens

You can trust all of your custom European kitchen cabinet design, build and installation needs to the experts at Bow Valley Kitchens. We have decades of experience helping contractors, developers, and homeowners craft their dream kitchen, utilizing custom European cabinetry. Our team will work through each step of your kitchen project from start until completion, creating a customized space that combines aesthetics with functionality and sustainability. If you have any questions or needs regarding European kitchen cabinets, call or email Bow Valley Kitchens today!