What Are Some Of The Basic Features Offered By European Kitchens?

BVK-August-15-2013-2000-11When you are thinking of a kitchen design for a new or existing home, one of the concepts you might come across is the European kitchen concept. This is a type of kitchen design that has been popular in Europe for a long time, but which is spreading to many other parts of the world due to the various benefits associated with it. If you come across the concept for the first time, it might be difficult for you to appreciate why it’s all the rave these days. To help clear this up, one would need to understand the basic features of typical European kitchens. Some of these include:

Sleek design

Most European kitchens have a very sleek design, and this is what makes them popular with so many people these days. Some of the design elements that are usually incorporated into European kitchen design include not using any handles for the cabinets, which maintains clean lines across the entire kitchen. In addition to that, a large number of them are usually accented using only one or two colors in order to enhance the sleekness.

However, it’s important to note that just being sleek is not synonymous with being minimalist. While it’s very easy to achieve a very striking minimalist look with a European kitchen design, there is some room to incorporate other designs to make it look livelier as well.

Modular design

Another feature that is common with most European kitchen is the modular design. This means that fixtures such as the cabinets and the island are not put in place permanently. They are usually mounted on rails to make sure that they are firmly in place, and that they are practical enough for daily use in the kitchen. However, if you ever needed to move or to give the kitchen a fresh look, you could simply remove the modules from the old kitchen. Of course, this is not a feature that is typical of all European kitchens, but it is more common than in other types of kitchen designs.

The presence of drying racks placed over the sink

Another design feature that is common with European kitchen styles is the presence of a drying rack that is directly over the sink. This is one of the most practical design elements in any kitchen. The presence of this feature means that after washing your dishes, you would not have to worry about too much water dripping onto the other surfaces such as the countertops. This is usually very important when you have countertops that are made from materials that are likely to be damaged by water, such as limestone. In addition to that, the fact that the water would be conducted directly into the sink means that you would need to do much less work when it comes to cleaning up after washing the dishes.

Installation of a clothes washer in the kitchen

One of the peculiar things you might notice about most European kitchens is the fact that they usually have equipment such as a washer and dryer in them. This might seem odd and unhygienic, but the truth is that it’s actually a very design particularly if you are short of space. Having the washer and dryer in a part of the kitchen means that you would not need to have a dedicated laundry room, which can sometimes take up too much space.

More variety with colour

If you compare European kitchens and other types, you will notice that in most parts of the world, most kitchens have more or less the same colour scheme. In the United States, for instance, most people love having stainless steel features, giving the kitchens a silver monochrome. Most European kitchens have more vivid colour designs, easily enhancing the kitchen decor in your home.