Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our kitchens or services contact us or come in and visit either our Calgary or Canmore showroom. We look forward to hearing from you, and getting started on your kitchen project.

What is the cost for a new kitchen?

Cabinets range in price considerably based on quality, the type of material they are made of, and whether they are stock (ready made in specific sizes) or custom (produced specifically for your kitchen in whatever sizes are needed). The material you choose for surfaces including counters, backsplashes and floors can also account for variations in price. Other key elements that factor into the equation are talent and workmanship. In the cabinet  business, you tend to get what you pay for. An accomplished designer, skilled cabinetmaker, and expert installation crew may cost more but you’ll appreciate their ability every time you use your kitchen.

What can I do myself to help cut costs?

How much you can or should attempt to do depends on your ability and knowledge of the cabinet industry. You’ll definitely be able to tear out old cabinets, take up old vinyl flooring and handle trash removal. You may also want to paint or wallpaper on your own. You’re better off letting the pros handle plumbing and appliance hook-ups — if you try it on your own, you may violate building codes or invalidate manufacturer warranties. Let a professional installer put your new cabinets in so that they look their best.

What about contracts and orders?

Before any work begins on your kitchen, get detailed, written quotes, cabinet layout specifications and signed contracts from the professionals you hire. Check references carefully. Your designer should prepare project drawings including floor plans and renderings that clearly represent your project. If anything changes mid-project, you should be asked to sign a change order.

What about payment?

Most firms will require a percentage (usually 50 percent or so) when you sign the contract, additional payment (usually 40 percent or so) when cabinets are delivered or installation begins, and the balance (10 percent or so) when the job is complete. You may also be required to pay a design retainer at the start of the job.

How long will it take to get the cabinets I order?

Order time varies depending on the manufacturer and the complexity of the job. The minimum time is roughly eight weeks and can be as much as 12 weeks during peak times of the year.

Can you design my kitchen from a sketch of the room that I provide?

We can certainly start with a sketch you provide. Your forethought in doing some homework can shorten the time needed to design the final layout. However, we will always do our own measurements to verify that the design will actually work.

What is the best type of countertop for the kitchen? For bathrooms? For the laundry room?

There are many possible countertop choices. As with cabinets, your budget needs to be matched with your desire for flexibility of design and product longevity. Laminate, solid surface, quartz-enhanced and granite are all good choices.

Can you match my existing cabinets or furniture?

All woods and stains change colour over time; some more so than others. In many cases, Bow Valley Kitchens can find cabinetry that may be compatible with your existing cabinets or furniture. In no case can we guarantee an exact match.

Are environmentally green cabinets available at a reasonable price?

Bow Valley Kitchens represents several manufacturers across the price spectrum whose cabinets are certified under the Environmental Stewardship Program developed by the KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association).

What's the difference between manufactured cabinets and custom-made cabinets?

Years ago there was a significant difference in the sizes and finishes available from “custom” cabinet makers and the “stock” manufacturers. Today, our cabinet manufacturers offer custom sizing and finishes that rival, and may even exceed, the possibilities of a local custom cabinet shop.

Do you charge a design fee, measure fee or other fees in addition to the contract price for cabinets and installation?

Bow Valley Kitchens does not charge a measure fee or a design fee for a first design or quote. In some cases, where multiple design revisions are requested, a design retainer may be requested. That retainer is then credited in full to the final cost of the job.

Do you provide cabinets for remodeling only, or also for new construction?

Bow Valley Kitchens works with a number of reputable builders and can provide cabinets through your contractor or directly to you for your kitchen or bath remodeling project or room addition. We also work with many custom home builders who consult with our designers to assure that the layouts for kitchen cabinets, bath cabinets, laundry room cabinets and other cabinetry are chosen to properly fit the budget and space. We will coordinate directly with your builder and also consult directly with you.

Does Bow Valley Kitchens sell countertops?

No we do not sell countertops but can recommend suppliers in our area. We recommend you have your countertops constructed locally. Our cabinets look best with single slab countertops.

Do you provide countertops?

While we don’t sell and install just counterops, we do offer a variety of counter top materials for our projects; wood veneers in a variety of species, butcher blocks, and plastic laminate. We don’t fabricate stone, but we are happy to refer you to a reputable granite fabricator so you can buy direct and save. Our cabinets look best with single slab counterops.

I've seen so many things I like, I don't know what I want. Where do I start?

Looking through model homes, books and magazines can be very helpful and very confusing. What design trends have staying power? Our designers can help you sort through the various options and help identify those elements that appeal to you. They will help you come up with a unique plan that incorporates the features and look that best suits you, your family and your lifestyle.

How much does a kitchen or bath cost?

This is the same as asking “How much is a car per pound?”. There is no correct answer to this question. It depends on what is contained within that foot (or pound, as the case may be). A bank of drawers with complete storage solutions will cost more then a simple door/drawer combination, and yet less then an integrated pantry unit.  Companies that quote per linear foot will quote the most economical cabinet (full height cabinet, no drawer) to determine this figure There are many choices when it comes to cabinets and countertops. Following our detailed process will benefit you by exploring all options which will then give you an exact cost. However every Bow Valley Kitchen is tailored to your individual wants and needs, and then designed to fit your unique space and project budget.

Does your firm provide other remodeling work such as electrical and plumbing?

Bow Valley Kitchens will only install contracted cabinets and wood or laminate countertops. We do not install and/or remove anything other than cabinets and countertops.

What are your showroom hours?

We are open Monday thru Friday (9am-5pm) and Saturdays (10am-3pm).

How long have you been in business?

Bow Valley Kitchens has been serving southwestern Alberta and beyond since 1997.

What makes a kitchen custom?

The word custom is perhaps the most overused word within the kitchen industry and carries a myriad of meanings.  At Bow Valley Kitchens all our kitchens are customized to fit your specific wants and needs.  With 3 different cabinet lines the options offered by Bow Valley Kitchens are practically endless.

Why do you need to know my budget? Shouldn't you tell me how much the kitchen is?

It has been said that a kitchen project is limited by two things; your imagination and your pocket book.  With the sheer amount of kitchen choices and options, it is very important that you and your designer have a budget to work towards.  Cabinet line, wood species, door style, finish, finish options, interior features, layout, cabinet composition, and many more factors go into determining the final price for your kitchen; and that’s just the cabinets!  Our average kitchen projects range from $20,000-$40,000, but we have completed beautiful kitchens for our clients ranging from $10,000 to $100,000+.  A rough starting point for your budget is 5-10% of your home’s current market value.

Why should I work with Bow Valley Kitchens?

At Bow Valley Kitchens we recognize that a new kitchen or renovated one is an investment, and as such, we invest the time and care in your project to maximize your return, in both your home’s value and your personal lifestyle.  Because Bow Valley Kitchens is an independent kitchen firm, we are able to provide you with diverse product offerings to suit your individual wants and needs.  Our process from start to finish is designed to be hassle free by maintaining open lines of communication throughout the entire project.  Our business is our reputation, and to that end, we vow that no project is complete until you are fully satisfied with your experience with us.

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