Renovating Your Kitchen

Are you considering a kitchen renovation? Not sure where to start? Understanding the steps of a kitchen renovation can add to more informed and efficient process. Every kitchen renovation is different. The customization of your kitchen ideas, combined with determining your needed functionality and design are part of the initial processes.

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen space to better embody and suit your personal character and lifestyle, contact Bow Valley Kitchens. Our team can help ensure a luxurious kitchen renovation. 

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Plan & Prepare Your Kitchen

Your kitchen renovation uses kitchen design and ideas to establish a look that is unique. Before any renovation begins, it is important to consider what you want from a kitchen space. Consider what you will need to support your lifestyle including kitchenware, type of stove (gas or electric), flat panel or stainless steel appliances as well as what elements, materials, and colors you desire. Once you have a firm understanding of the look and feel you desire the next thing to consider is your budget and then set priorities. 

Kitchen Designer Consultation

The next step in a kitchen renovation is to consult a kitchen designer and renovation professional. At Bow Valley Kitchens our team can help create the schematic designs, materials, finishes and fixture, all elements of a custom kitchen. Bow Valley Kitchens is here to help with cabinetry selection, countertop material and layout design, flooring design and cabinet design. Our team can help provide and sort your kitchen ideas in order to turn them into a stunning and professional custom kitchen renovation.  

Finalizing Your Kitchen Plan

After a designer has helped to establish your kitchen renovation ideas and has drafted a number design plans, it is time to finalize these plans and get them ready for the upcoming renovation. Your renovation design, floor plan, and cabinet design should be decided on before any building begins or a proper estimate is provided. At this stage, you receive your finalized set of Construction Drawings (CDs) and the design begins construction.

Get A Kitchen Estimate

The last step before construction can begin, is to receive estimates from your renovation professional and to sign the renovation contract. Your contractor will consider every aspect of your renovation and will provide you a quote for the costs of the job. If you agree with the estimate, you can sign the renovation contract. The contract should include the direct quote, license, and insurance information of the contractor, scope, and duration of work expectations, safety certifications, any warranties and the payment schedule.

During Your Kitchen Renovation

Your custom kitchen renovation is ready to begin! Your home now needs to be prepared for the initial demolition and construction. Consider garbage removal, dust and debris and family allergies. Discuss these with your Bow Valley Kitchens contractor to understand how to properly prepare your home for the renovation processes. Once the construction and installation are complete there may be some form of “punch list”. This is simply a list of renovation aspects that you would like changed, altered or improved upon. Once this list has been completed and you are satisfied with the final renovation, you can finalize your payments and enjoy the kitchen of your dreams!