Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Watch Out For

DSC_3071_3_5AdjustPeople tend to take their kitchen cabinets for granted. But kitchen cabinets are essential parts of a kitchen. Kitchen cabinet trends are changing more often than trends affecting other parts of the kitchen. People who like their kitchens to look up-to-date should follow the times as far as kitchen cabinets are concerned. Below are some kitchen cabinet trends that are worth considering.

White Cabinets

There was a time when homeowners shun having white cabinets mainly because they have the tendency to get dirty easily and because white cabinets are harder to maintain. This is why installing white cabinets in the kitchen can be interpreted as an act of boldness. Of course, the cabinet need not be pure white. It can also be in the color of ivory, eggshell or other off-white shades. The greatest benefit of using white cabinets is that it provides a timeless, clean and classy appeal to a kitchen. White cabinets are particularly appropriate for minimalist kitchens that feature clean lines and neutral colors.

Floor to Ceiling Cabinets

Windows can now go from the floor to the ceiling, so why not cabinets. There is a practical reason for installing floor to ceiling cabinets: they can hold more stuff than regular cabinets. You can use the bottom part of the cabinets to store heavy and bulky kitchen equipment that are used quite often. The middle portion you can use for medium-sized equipment that are used regularly. Then the top portion can be reserved for the stuff that is rarely used. Floor to ceiling cabinets are so practical that one wonders why it has only become a trend recently.

Mixed and Matched Cabinets

One of the boldest kitchen cabinet trends that you can follow is to mix and match cabinets. This practice is perfect for people who get bored easily, for those who believe that there is more to life than installing cabinets that look exactly the same. You can mix and match cabinets of different colours. For example mixing light or dark coloured cabinets with brightly coloured ones. You can also mix cabinets of different styles like mixing contemporary looking cabinet with classic ones. By installing cabinets of different colours and even patterns and styles, a kitchen will never be boring. But of course, someone needs to have a good eye for design for the blending of cabinets for the design to work. Otherwise, the kitchen may look like a big mess of mismatched cabinets.

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