Kitchen Cabinetry Styles

Custom kitchen cabinetry can be designed and developed to suit a variety of kitchen styles. The cabinetry in a kitchen can be made of a variety of materials, colors, frame style and designs. When developing your custom kitchen cabinetry you must first establish the style, ensuring it has a consistent look and feel that matches the entire home design. 

Various traits of custom kitchen cabinetry can be designed custom to embody your new kitchen, future kitchen or existing kitchen.  Having your kitchen cabinetry designed by a professional can help to guide, advise the style and future installation.

For all your kitchen cabinets style, design and selection trust the experts at Bow Valley Kitchens. Our professional interior design team and cabinet professionals can ensure that your cabinetry design style is stunning and consistent with the rest of your home. For all your Canmore and Calgary cabinetry design needs, trust Bow Valley Kitchens!

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Modern Kitchen Cabinetry

Modern kitchen cabinetry embodies sleek designs that showcase a clean and crisp kitchen style and theme. These cabinets tend to be frameless and are often made of metallic materials rather than pure woods. Modern kitchen cabinetry can help create a very functional and innovative kitchen. This style of cabinets and kitchen are ideal for newly built and/or upscale properties that enjoy the tones and contrast of a modern kitchen design.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinetry

Are you looking for a functional kitchen cabinetry style that embodies a cutting edge modern design but still allows for traditional influence? A contemporary kitchen design with contemporary kitchen cabinetry uses modern inspiration while still holding true to traditional kitchen concepts. Contemporary cabinets utilize today’s innovating storage and functionality while incorporating up to date designs. The expert designers at Bow Valley Kitchens specialize in a variety of cabinetry styles and can help to design and develop your contemporary kitchen cabinetry.

Transitional Kitchen Cabinetry

Transitional kitchen cabinetry offers the warmth and comfort of a traditional design, but with the similar functionality, look and flare of more contemporary or modern cabinetry. Transitional cabinets are often made of wood, offer streamlined, laid-in designs and tend to impose a more natural feel to the overall kitchen. If you are interested in a contemporary kitchen cabinetry style in your Calgary or Canmore home, call or email Bow Valley Kitchens.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinetry

Traditional kitchen cabinetry design provides a welcoming and warm atmosphere to anyone who enters the kitchen. The wooden, framed cabinets, with natural materials and tones, that create a traditional kitchen can create a feel in the kitchen that is relaxing and comforting. Though traditional cabinetry will embody a classic feel, the cabinets can still allow for the most up to date functionality with improved levels of storage space and high-end appliances.

European Kitchen Cabinetry

European kitchen cabinets can be developed with various design inspirations and styles, generally, European cabinetry is at the forefront of cabinetry design. With several customizable features, European kitchen cabinetry styles can be developed to suit nearly any kitchen and lifestyle. To learn more about European kitchen cabinetry with Bow Valley Kitchens, contact us. Our team is here to help with every step of creating your homes kitchen cabinetry design and style!