Kitchen Cabinets

When choosing kitchen cabinets there are a number of elements that need to be considered; from the design, the finish, and the materials used, kitchen cabinets have nearly limitless options. When renovating or remodeling a kitchen the kitchen cabinets cannot be overlooked, as they are often the most visible asset of the kitchen. Having your cabinets professionally designed, made and installed can ensure the look and feel of the kitchen matches your style, there is adequate storage space and that the kitchen will maintain for years to come.

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Modern Kitchen Cabinets

For an upscale, well-organized, and functional addition to your kitchen space, consider installing modern kitchen cabinets. Modern kitchen cabinets often have flat panels with straight lines and geometric shapes, providing a sleek and efficient cabinet design. Modern cabinets often incorporate steel among other innovative building materials creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing living area. 

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Walking the design line between modern and transitional cabinets contemporary cabinets lean more towards modern trends but incorporate traditional elements. Contemporary cabinets embody a streamlined and polished look, which is still very welcoming and inviting.  Contemporary kitchen cabinets can offer homeowners the best of several design concepts and styles coming together to create a unique kitchen that embodies a modern look with traditional elements.  

European Kitchen Cabinets

European kitchen cabinets are generally at the forefront of design trends, providing a variety of design and functionality traits and concepts that aren’t seen in western designs. European kitchen cabinet designs stand out and can be designed with modern or traditional inspirations with stylish finishes. European cabinets can be seen in the cabinets by SieMatic cabinet manufacturers, one of the world’s leading European cabinet makers. Bow Valley supplies and installs SieMatic cabinets in Calgary & Canmore.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets are one of the defining characteristics of a luxury kitchen, providing not only aesthetic beauty but also optimal functionality and efficiency. The design of the custom cabinets should be made to suit the needs of the homeowner. Custom kitchen cabinets are crafted to project the character and design preferences of the homeowner, much like their wardrobe their home and kitchen is an extension of themselves. No matter what style of kitchen cabinets you want in your home, the team at Bow Valley Kitchens can design and install a cabinet solution perfect for you.   

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

The proper installation of your kitchen cabinets can ensure the cabinets are not only installed correctly but also enhance the durability, flow, and longevity of the kitchen. The installation of the cabinets is one of the final steps of the kitchen renovation and requires a detailed process and a high standard of care. Bow Valley Kitchens professional team of kitchen contractors can ensure the proper installation of the custom cabinetry, our dedication to quality and customer service is an essential part of our installation success.

Kitchen Cabinet Design

The kitchen cabinet design process can often be the most exciting part of a kitchen renovation or remodel, working hand-in-hand with a designer and going through numerous styles and ideas is motivating and enjoyable. The design process goes over kitchen cabinet elements such as, frame or frameless, cabinet materials, thickness, colour and or stain of materials, flat panel or not, etc. The kitchen cabinet design inspires the rest of the kitchen, setting the tone and colour of the future kitchen space.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Discovering the kitchen cabinet styles that appeals most to you is fundamental to the kitchen design, generating concepts and ideas helps to determine the style. Modern, Contemporary, Transitional and Traditional kitchen cabinet styles all have their benefits but are all characteristically different. Determining the style of your kitchen and its cabinetry is one of the first steps and sets the foundation for the design. For more information on kitchen cabinet styles, or to view a number of different styles visit a Bow Valley Kitchens showroom.