Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Custom kitchen cabinets are designed and customised to suit the needs of the homeowner and their kitchen and storage needs. Cabinet colours, materials and styles are all key parts to getting the most from your kitchen design. Selecting your desired cabinet style helps provide a foundation for further cabinetry design. 

There are several designs to choose from that can be customised to the kitchen project. Framed or raised panel cabinets can work better in traditional, rustic or French country spaces. While contemporary and modern kitchen lean more towards flat cabinetry.

Consider these 4 popular cabinet styles for your next project. For more information on these or other cabinet style ideas, contact Bow Valley Kitchens.

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Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinetry is simple, clean and places a design focus on utility. Shaker cabinet doors are flat panelled and are framed. These are a very popular style of cabinet in transitional kitchens and contemporary kitchens. The simplicity of shaker cabinets allows for an abundance of kitchen design freedom. These cabinets can suit a number of pure kitchen styles. Shaker cabinets received their name from shaker furniture, which promotes similar design techniques. Natural shaker door finishes can be up to 20% less costly than painted cabinetry.

Louvered Cabinets

These doors boast several horizontal slats in the doors. Louvered doors are more commonly found in shutters, interior doors, and in furniture, though this style helps bring a unique feel to the kitchen space. This door style often showcases natural wood tones and frameless doors. The horizontal and flat-panel design, as well as the limited ornamentation on these doors, makes them a great option for sleek and modern kitchen designs.

Flat Panel Cabinets

Flat panel cabinet offer a stylish and spacious feel in any kitchen spaces. These cabinets can be framed, though the frames and panels are not raised. Flat panel doors can be less expensive and beautiful with high gloss laminate natural woods. With stacked drawers and flush designs, these cabinets offer immense kitchen storage space and large kitchen pathways. Your modern kitchen design can utilise flat doors to complete the organised an efficient look that focuses on geometric insets and horizontal lines.

Beadboard Cabinets

If you love the look of a traditional cottage space, then beadboard cabinetry can be ideal for you. These traditional cabinets utilise large frames and beadboard panelling. Before plaster and drywall became popular wall décor applications, beadboard was a common selection. Today this material works perfect in traditional kitchens to showcase the elegance and beauty of past design ideas, displayed in a new light.