Kitchen Design & Layout Mistakes

Layout mistakes that you do not want to make when designing your kitchen!

The kitchen is a hub for different activities including socializing, cleaning, cooking, drinking, and eating. It does not matter the style of your kitchen design and its organization, but the layout of the kitchen is essential. A professional kitchen designer can ensure these mistakes are avoided, and the kitchen is a luxurious room to enjoy.

Below is a list of mistakes that you should avoid making the kitchen design both practical and elegant:

Do not obstruct the kitchen triangle 

The kitchen triangle is made of the refrigerator, stove and the sink. This is where most of the activities in the kitchen happen. Therefore, space should be carefully planned without any obstruction between the three areas above. The sink has the most of the action. Therefore, ensure that it can be reached from the refrigerator and the stove with ease.

The total space of the kitchen triangle should be between 10 feet and 25 feet so that it is not too tiring to walk around or people do not trip over each other.

 Do not waste storage space   

Many items are stored in the kitchen including foodstuff, crockery, and other kitchen appliances. Getting to ensure that all the equipment is accessible is usually tricky. If you are limited in space, you may install extra-long cabinets and include a molding for putting additional storage space. You may also install cabinets over such appliances as the refrigerator.

Have adequate counter space 

One of the major misgivings of many kitchen designs is a lack of adequate counter space. Since all the activities in the kitchen require you to have a countertop, you should try to have as much horizontal surface as you can. You can add an L-shaped kitchen or a breakfast bar to your kitchen to add to the available countertop space.

 Good lighting is essential 

Every kitchen should have good quality lighting. Good lighting is not just for the great atmosphere and enhancing the design and style. It is also important for safety in handling the harp and moving kitchen tools. Lighting also helps showcase the design elements of the kitchen.

The common types of lighting include general lighting to illuminate the room, accent lighting, and task lighting. Evaluate all the working areas and determine the best kind of light for each of the areas. Pendant lights are great for enhancing the kitchen beauty and over breakfast tables. Under cabinet light, on the other hand, ensures that you have enough light for common tasks on the sink and other working surfaces.