Kitchen Design Trends in 2020

Kitchen Design Trends in 2020

There is a multitude of reasons why someone would want to renovate their kitchen. Perhaps they want to increase the property value of their home; or maybe they simply want to bring a fresh, new look to their home. It doesn’t really matter why someone would choose to renovate, but rather how they choose to do it.

The kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. So if you are considering a kitchen renovation this year, you should probably be ‘in-the-know’ about some of the hottest kitchen trends right now. Let’s take a look!

Backsplash Shelving

There is a hot design trend coming over from Europe – shelving integrated into the backsplash. These backsplashes are designed to flow into shallow shelving at the top. These designs are sleek, stylish, and modern. It’s no wonder why they are becoming increasingly popular.

Tip: Try to make sure that the material used for the shelving is the same material used for the backsplash. This will make everything look more uniform and integrated.

Low Profile Handles

Minimalism is definitely a hot trend going into 2020. Having your cabinet, or utility handles hidden or minimized is the go-to look. The idea is to create a very uniform, and minimalist environment.

Tip: Choose handles that are as low-profile as possible. Many modern kitchen designs are utilizing ‘cut-out’ handles for their cabinets and drawers. However, slim handles are also well within fashion.

Hidden Range Hoods

Range hoods are historically displeasing to the eye. They are often very difficult to integrate into a kitchen design. Because of this, kitchen designers are opting to hide them completely! Having a hidden range hood can ensure that your kitchen aesthetic remains pleasing and uniform, without the worry of a range hood becoming an eye-sore.

Tip: you can integrate your range hood quite nicely by using the same material on the hood as your backsplash or wall paint.

Storage Walls

Many kitchen designers are opting for storage walls, as opposed to traditional cabinets. This is a trend that has already been quite popular in Europe and helps increase storage space and efficiency. Instead of trying to design and place small cabinets, having a floor-to-ceiling storage wall can be massively beneficial!

Tip: Implementing pull-out shelving in your storage walls can also be a huge bonus. Also, don’t forget to include plenty of outlets in case you want to store away small appliances to save on counter space as well!

Warm Tones

Instead of the brightly coloured kitchen spaces of the past, natural and warm tones are in style moving forward. Kitchens are being designed to have a more ‘natural’ and ‘outdoors’ feel, in order to make them cozier and inviting. This doesn’t just mean paint, but can also mean materials used as well. Colours like charcoal grey, beige, or even black are definitely ‘in’ moving into 2020.

Tip: Avoid using any form of ‘shiny’ fixtures or surfaces. Matte colours and materials will match well with a more natural and warm feel.

Final Thoughts

The overall trend of kitchen design moving into 2020 is ‘cozy’. Kitchen designers are opting to create a more minimalist, and warm atmosphere for their modern kitchens. This is to help create a kitchen that feels inviting, comfortable, and calming. After all, a kitchen should be a place of peace and happiness, not chaos. Be sure to contact us at Bow Valley Kitchens to discuss your dream kitchen ideas. Our staff in Calgary and Canmore are available to help answer your questions and provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge of kitchen design trends.