Modern Kitchen Design

Modern kitchens have a very distinctive design style, that utilizes the characteristics of the home and residences. Modern kitchen designs use a combination of properly positioned geometric shapes with contrasting colors. There is something very special about a custom modern kitchen and that is the incomparable design that creates a unique living space to cook, eat and enjoy.

At Bow Valley Kitchens we work with and employ the industries leading kitchen designers that are up to date with all of the modern kitchen design trends. Our team makes sure that we understand your design needs and preferences when designing your modern kitchen. Contact us today or visit our showroom for a modern kitchen design consultation.

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Modern Kitchen Designers

Designing your dream kitchen is what we live to do, we design each modern kitchen to the unique styles and preferences of our clients. Every custom kitchen we design is its own and has special characteristics that separateĀ it from any other kitchen.

Our modern kitchen designers are professionally trained and experienced with cabinetry, interior design, and management of kitchen floor plans. We utilize the colours and shapes to create a truly magnificent kitchen that will be marveled by and enjoyed for years to come.

Modern Cabinets

Cabinetry is one of the most crucial components of a kitchen. Cabinets create the style, the improve the functionality and emphasize the design of the kitchen. Modern kitchen cabinets are designed with sharp edges, often high gloss, geometric shapes and utilize contrasting colors.

At Bow Valley Kitchens we design and install custom modern cabinetry from industry-leading cabinet makers from around the world. SieMatic kitchen cabinets from Germany set the bar when it comes to modern cabinets, contact us today for more information on SieMatic & modern kitchen cabinets.

Modern Kitchen Design Trends

Modern kitchens and the designs that inspire them are constantly changing and evolving. New technology and designs are constantly introduced that revolutionize the way a modern kitchen is designed. At Bow Valley Kitchens we understand the need to be up-to-date with all the latest design trends, that is why we employ designers who are always looking for new ways to improve our modern kitchen designs.

Modern cabinets often have European inspirations, using light and dark colors in contrast to emphasize design traits. Modern kitchen design often uses bold fixtures and improve functionality by maximizing storage space. Contact us today to learn more about current modern kitchen design trends.