Traditional Kitchen Design

Traditional kitchens use dark and earthy tones which accentuate formal & elegant characteristics. A properly designed traditional kitchen has the look and feel of American or European/Mediterranean homes of the 18th, 19th and early 20th century. Traditional kitchens can have varying characteristics that define the design.

Traditional kitchens use design styles that include inspiration from the Victorian, Regency, Mediterranean, Early American and Neoclassical eras. When you see a traditional kitchen one thing that stands out is the craftsmanship. Traditional kitchens have detailed moldings and trim; with elegant wooden cabinets in cherry, walnut, and mahogany. Traditional kitchens have the appearance of antique finish with matching fixtures and appliances.

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Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

Traditional kitchens can be very elaborate or elegantly subtle, that is why there are nearly limitless ideas associated with traditional kitchen design. Popular traits of a traditional kitchen are dark tones that utilize wood and earthy colours. When designing a traditional kitchen it is important to utilize the natural lighting, making sure the cabinetry accentuates the space.

We have designed numerous traditional kitchens the utilize numerous ideas and concepts to create a truly custom kitchen. Our kitchen designers can work with you on your traditional kitchen design, come visit our showroom today for a kitchen consultation.

Traditional Cabinets

Traditional Kitchen design is often defined by the luxurious wooden cabinetry that accentuates the appearance and functionality. Traditional kitchen cabinets often have custom mouldings and trims with an elegant appearance that looks mature and luxurious.

Traditional kitchen cabinets use a style that is timeless and has lasted through generations. Their antique look has an authentic appearance that is new but also familiar and adds a feeling of maturity and beauty to any home. For a custom traditional cabinet consultation come visit our showroom today!

Traditional Kitchen Design Trends

Even though traditional kitchens use inspiration from a previous era there are numerous modern design trends that shape the ideas that create a traditional kitchen design. Traditional kitchen design trends, grow and evolve; popular characteristics change as time passes. Popular design trends include the use of detailed architecture that combines appearance with functionality, the cabinetry is often flush and the design of the cabinets is framed with wooden textures and has panel doors that use mixed finishes.

Traditional kitchen cabinets use a glaze that creates an appearance of antiquity and elegance while maintaining durability year in and year out. The backsplashes are elegant and the tones of the kitchen utilize natural light with accents of artificial lighting. Contact us today to learn more about traditional kitchen trends.