Transitional Kitchen Design

Transitional kitchens are the perfect mediator between modern and traditional designs. A transitional kitchen is perfect for homes that like elements of both modern and traditional kitchens, the designs of a transitional kitchen are almost endless and are customizable to match the style and preferences of the homeowner.

A traditional kitchen is defined by the detail and molded trim and cabinets, while modern kitchens use geometric shapes and contrasting colors. Transitional kitchens are the best of both worlds and create an eye-catching space that utilizes elements of varying designs. If you are looking for a transitional kitchen design that combines contrasting styles in an elegant manor contact Bow Valley Kitchens or visit one of our luxury kitchen showrooms.

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Transitional Kitchens

Transitional kitchens are very popular for homeowners that are torn between modern and traditional kitchen designs. A transitional kitchen is a blank slate with endless design possibilities, pulling inspiration from a variety of sources.  Transitional kitchens have become increasing popular as they offer flexibility, providing choices for homeowners as they are not confined to a single style.

Though transitional kitchen designs have both modern and traditional elements there are certain characteristics that define a transitional kitchen design. Transitional kitchens use a welcoming and warm tone, similar to traditional kitchens but also use simple lines and geometric shapes with contrasting colours like a modern/contemporary kitchen. A perfectly designed transitional kitchen has balance and harmony, as it eloquently combines the two very different design styles.

Transitional Cabinets

One of the key elements in a transitional kitchen is the design of the cabinetry, it is important that the cabinets match both the modern and traditional elements. Cabinets in a transitional kitchen have unique characteristics, most of which can be considered just short of ‘modern’ design. Transitional cabinetry is often , made from wood, unlike modern cabinets that are made from other plastic or metallic materials.

The door on transitional cabinets are sleek and flat and have simple designs and panels. The look of the cabinets is modern, but the materials used are more common to that used in traditional cabinets.

Transitional Kitchen Design Trends

Transitional kitchens have numerous trends that pull inspiration from both modern and traditional kitchen styles. From the cabinetry to the choice of colours, a transitional kitchen design can feature a variety of styles all cohesively working together to create a luxurious living space that boasts timeless design elements with modern inspiration.

Transitional kitchen design trends include the use of natural surfaces, such as granite, limestone or marble. The tile or backsplash uses traditional stones arranged in a non-conventional manner, transitional kitchens often have simple accents to accentuate the natural materials against the uncommon metallic accessories or appliances. A Transitional kitchen can be determined by its neutral colours while utilising an abundance of textures.