Kitchen Installers

The installation process of a kitchen renovation or remodel ensures the look and longevity of the kitchen. The installation of cabinetry, countertops, flooring and lighting all require the expertise of a professional. Using kitchen installation services offered by professional kitchen installers ensures quality, longevity and desired functionality.

Bow Valley Kitchens has beeing supplying and installing custom kitchens in Calgary & Canmore for decades. Our team ensures a quality of work that is long lasting and exquisite kitchens that are beautiful for years to come. Come visit one of our showrooms today!

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Kitchen Installation Services

With professional services, you can ensure that your kitchen will be installed correctly. Kitchen installation professionals know how to install cabinets, appliances, islands and countertops. The installation of cabinetry, especially custom cabinets are best handled by a professional, who understands the process and disposition. Inexperienced installation can lead to damaged materials, voided warranty and inefficient use of space. Trust your kitchen installation needs to the professional kitchen installation contractors at Bow Valley Kitchens!

Kitchen Installation Process

After the utilities have been set up and the walls have been prepared for installation the installation of the new kitchen can begin.  These are some of the common kitchen renovation processes:

  • Lighting – the lighting design features and new lighting fixtures are installed. 
  • Flooring & Baseboards – the new flooring types and respective baseboards are installed. 
  • Countertops – your new countertop template selection can be installed. 
  • Backsplashes – your new backsplash section can be installed. 
  • Cabinets – your custom cabinetry can be installed on the kitchen walls and island.
  • Appliances – your new kitchen appliances often represent the final installation processes in your revitalized kitchen space.

Kitchen Cabinet Installers

Custom cabinets are built to match the design, natural lighting, atmosphere and storage needs of your home, they are crafted to match your every kitchen need. Without the proper levels of knowledge, your DIY cabinet installation efforts can lead to insecure units, damaged doors, and quicker deterioration. Custom cabinets can add a sense of luxury and prestige to a kitchen. If you are considering using custom cabinets in your kitchen or other areas of the home contact Bow Valley Kitchens Ltd. our team can ensure the professional design and installation.