Kitchen Remodel Process

Remodeling a kitchen space allows homeowners to change the layout of the kitchen so is more suitable for their needs, and better represents their design tastes. Kitchen remodels can completely revitalize the kitchen space, to not only look better but work better too. A kitchen remodel can’t happen overnight. There are many steps involved in the kitchen remodel process, and we can help. Visit a Bow Valley Kitchens showroom or schedule a consultation to plan your kitchen remodel for your home. 

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Remove The Old Kitchen

After your kitchen remodel plans and designs have been finalized, the first step toward achieving your new kitchen is to remove the old materials, cabinets, and appliances. This needs to be done to ensure that the plumbing, electrical and other elements match the needs of the new kitchen, sometimes upgrades are needed to ensure the kitchen works properly. You will need to throw out some of the old building materials, but most kitchen appliances can usually be recycled, rather than discarded.

Replace Plumbing & Electrical

Your plumbing and electrical system will need to be inspected and potentially replaced to suit the layout and functionality of your new kitchen. Dated plumbing can cause issues in your kitchen so any obsolete, rusted or otherwise damaged plumbing should be replaced. Electrical system upgrades can better suit your kitchen needs, as upgrades provide adequate power for new appliances and energy efficient lighting. 

Wall Installation & Painting

The next step in the kitchen remodel process is to prepare the walls for installation and renovation. Drywall needs to be hung, sanded and mudded. The laid in drywall can then be painted to match your design and desired colour scheme. Kitchen ceiling can also be painted to create a more finished look. It is important to paint your kitchen walls before cabinets are installed, to create an efficient and mess-free painting project.

Kitchen Installation

There are a number installation processes that need to be done to properly install a full kitchen. After the walls have been painted, your kitchen flooring and baseboards can be installed. Next, your kitchen countertops can be manufactured and installed. Any kitchen backsplashes are installed after the flooring and countertops. Proper installations are vital to the longevity of your kitchen space. Installations can ensure things look right and work right if you have any kitchen installation questions contact Bow Valley Kitchens.

Kitchen Cabinet & Appliance Installation

Cabinets play a major role in the newly created atmosphere and levels of function of your remodeled kitchen. Trusted professionals should install your new kitchen cabinets, in order to ensure that they are functional, level and secure. Your appliances can offer the most impactful and direct aspects of you kitchen functionality. An experienced kitchen installation contractor should always install basic required appliances as well as any specialized appliances in your remodeled kitchen space!