7 Questions to Ask Before Any Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is one of the more extensive home improvement projects you can undertake. Though a kitchen remodel or renovation improves the home value, it is time-consuming. Home improvement experts say that a well-done kitchen remodeling project can add a few thousand dollars to the value to your home. Many people fall into the trap of either trying to achieve a Pinterest perfect kitchen or having the latest gadgets in the kitchen. To avoid botching up your kitchen remodel, ask a few questions before starting on the project.

What is needed from the kitchen?

Do you plan to use the kitchen as a social space where people can interact while cooking, or is it a clinical space geared for efficiency? The kitchen should be functional and reflect the lifestyle of the family or residents. This involves considering storage requirements to accommodate adequate supplies and installing appliances that are up to the task.

What is the planned budget?

You can only do what your budget allows. Your budget has to be balanced between wishes and practicality. If you need a new fridge, do you really need a walk-in unit while there are only 3 people in the house? The internet has brought hundreds of choices within your reach. Explore different home improvement projects for ideas that are workable, while meeting your standards of quality.

What are the storage needs?

Kitchen cabinets take up quite a sizeable portion of the available space in a kitchen. What pieces do you need to store away, and what do you need to show off? If your kitchen is a social meeting place, you will need a good proportion of storage space as open shelves for showing off fine china, heirlooms and so on.

How does the kitchen fit in the whole picture?

Does an open plan floor suit your lifestyle better than a dedicated kitchen room? An open plan floor kitchen connects easily with the dining and living rooms making interaction and movement easier. A dedicated kitchen works better if you have a busy kitchen that will generate a lot of kitchen smells and sounds.

Who shall do the remodeling?

Different remodeling projects require different skills levels. You take a DIY approach to replace a few shelves, but it would be a different ballgame trying to overhaul all the cabinets on your own. For a big project, consider a contractor with a good reputation.

How long will it take?

A kitchen is essential in a home as it is needed every day. You will need a clear timeframe for the project so that the kitchen is available for use

How convenient will it be?

Do you need to move out because of the noise and dust? Consider the scope of the project and how disruptive it will get.