Kitchen Renovation Process

Each kitchen renovation process is different, with challenging and unforeseen obstacles from beginning to end.  When you are dealing with a custom kitchen remodel or renovation, no two projects are exactly alike. Even though each kitchen project differs the general steps a contractor will follow will include:

1. Consultation

The first step is to visit a Bow Valley Kitchens showroom for a design consultation. During a design consultation, our designers will discuss your renovation project and get a firm understanding of your style, preferences and needs to begin the design of your dream kitchen. Our team will go over numerous ideas and styles while navigating our showroom to find exactly what you are looking for. After the showroom consultation, we will set up a time to get your kitchen measurements.

2. Design

Once we have the parameters, measurements, and preferred style our designers will get to work creating and designing your dream kitchen renovation. Our team begins designing your project as soon as you have chosen your style, using our state-of-the-art software and professional designers we create a drawn and rendered kitchen concept.  When the design is ready, we will present the newly designed kitchen concept and review the necessary design elements and changes that need to be incorporated.  Once the design is finalized we can provide a project scope and estimate based on the materials and desired layout.

3. Planning

When the design is finalized our team will provide the scope and together we will establish a plan for your kitchen renovation project. Based on the design and project scope permits may be required before construction can commence. The plan we put into place establishes the timing, necessary contractors, and scope of work required. The planning stage sets the foundation for the rest of the project and establishes the parameters of the renovation or remodel.

4. Setup

The setup part of the process can vary project to project, as each kitchen renovation has varying appliances, plumbing, and removal needs. The setup involves the removal of old cabinets, flooring, countertops etc. Once the old elements of the kitchen are removed the new plumbing, electrical, light fixtures and wiring can be installed. The new systems can ensure the kitchen has the necessary water and electricity for the appliances and fixtures. After the electrical and plumbing are installed the flooring and walls can be put into place.

5. Installation

After the plumbing, electrical, flooring and walls have been installed our team of kitchen installers can get to work. At Bow Valley Kitchens we design, supply & install custom cabinetry in Calgary & Canmore, using luxurious cabinet manufacturers like SieMatic, Old World & Solerra. The installation of countertops and cabinets begins to show the new kitchen taking shape. The installation process is extremely important and meticulous in every detail as each element needs to be laser-measured and leveled to perfection.

6. Finishing

Once we have professionally installed the custom cabinets our team of kitchen professionals can begin to install the backsplashes, trimming, plumbing fixtures, finish flooring (if required), and paint where the paint is needed. During this phase, we are putting the final touches and meticulous details that emphasize the luxuriousness of the custom kitchen renovation.

7. Cleanup

The cleanup phase cleans the construction area, reassembling the kitchen and cleaning the mess that has accumulated during the duration of the project. During the cleanup, our team touch-up finishes, install the new appliances, place the lighting or plumbing fixtures, and clean or remove all of our materials and tools we used during the renovation. This part of the process perfects the kitchen, providing touch ups and final details. The cleanup is the final phase before the client can begin to enjoy their new kitchen renovation.

8. Enjoy

Now the kitchen renovation or remodel is completed. At this point, the cabinets are installed, the fixtures are in place and the kitchen is ready for enjoyment. If you are looking to further customize the kitchen you can work with an interior designer, or begin to decorate yourself. The new kitchen will be perfect for planning a dinner party, cooking for your family, or order in to keep it spotless. Our custom kitchens and renovations are sure to last decades and be a beautiful and functional living space.

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