Kitchen Renovation Styles

Your kitchen renovation should do more than simply improve the look of the kitchen, it should make the space more welcoming, functional and efficient. The finished kitchen space should showcase the character and personal kitchen preferences of the homeowner. A large part of creating the custom kitchen stems from selecting or blending the kitchen designs, styles, and themes.

There is a range of great custom kitchen styles available with every kitchen renovation or remodel. Often our clients prefer to blend aspects of different kitchen design styles to create a completely customized kitchen. Modern, contemporary, rustic, traditional, transitional are among the many kitchen styles available. 

The style is an important aspect of the overall design of the kitchen. The team of designers at Bow Valley Kitchens can help to select and define a custom kitchen style that will suit your kitchen. Call us today or visit one of our showrooms for more custom kitchen renovation style information and design services.

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Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens are stylish and clean. A feature of many modern kitchens is the often bold colour contrasts, metallic finishes, sleek long lined edges and the use of accent lighting and decorative pieces. Modern kitchen cabinets are often frameless and fully overlain to further showcase the sleek efficient feel of the space. Modern kitchens can often provide the most innovative, crisp and upscale atmosphere. Call Bow Valley Kitchens today to learn more about modern kitchens and their design traits.

Traditional Kitchens

Traditional kitchens provide a warmth and feel of relaxation that can be hard to rival with other kitchen designs. Traditional kitchens focus on small and large details to create truly gorgeous and eye-catching cabinetry and layouts. Beamed ceiling, chandeliers, classic furniture style, legged islands among other classic traits can all come together to create a gorgeous traditional kitchen. Traditional kitchen styles are ideal for homeowners looking for a timeless and welcoming feel to their home. 

Transitional Kitchens

Transitional kitchens styles combine varying kitchen styles, designs, and functionality. Transitional kitchen effectively bridges the gap between traditional and modern kitchen styles. They incorporate aspects of different kitchen styles to create attractive and customized living spaces. Transitional kitchens are the ideal design style for blending a variety of kitchen designs. If you have any questions about transitional kitchens contact Bow Valley Kitchens. 

Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchen styles can sometimes be confused with modern but they are quite different. Contemporary kitchen styles are an evolving look, as they are meant to match the styles of “today”. Contemporary kitchens consider recently discovered or popular aspects of kitchen design. Contemporary kitchen renovations are perfect if you love what the past few years have brought into the designs of kitchens, or if you are looking for a partial kitchen renovation to help update your existing look. 

Rustic Kitchens

Rustic kitchens highlight the natural beauty of kitchens and their atmosphere with natural building materials and an almost outdoorsy cabin feel. Rustic kitchens have a large emphasis on wood and iron. Textured fabrics, repurposed classic objects, warm colors, are among the many options that are used in rustic kitchen design.  A rustic kitchen is great if you are looking for a western-inspired design. Rustic kitchens are artistic and are great for Calgary and Canmore residents, as they accentuate the natural beauty of the mountains and natural landscape.