How To Make The Most Of A Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen Renovations

It matters not the size of your kitchen, but what you can do in it. “Only poor chefs blame the equipment” as celebrity chef Mario Batali puts it. This is very true as you can do a lot even in the space of a small kitchen if you use the right strategies. Renovating a small kitchen can be challenging, but you do not need to limit functionality because of the size of the kitchen space. Small kitchen renovations can be done to achieve the perfect dream kitchen in your Calgary apartment, condo, townhouse or smaller home. This post shares tips on how to renovate a small kitchen.

Keep The Kitchen Clutter-Free

It is common to see items that do not belong in the kitchen taking up space on the floor and kitchen countertops. This could be an old newspaper you read halfway or that empty grocery basket on the floor. Keep the kitchen clutter free so that you can get the space needed for food preparation and cooking.

Expand Your Storage

Some of your cabinet drawers are deep enough to be divided into two. Use dividers to create extra shelves in your cabinets. These shallower shelves can be used for storing items that are low in height like frying pans. Roll out trays also work very well. Using custom cabinetry to better utilize the space can improve the look at storage available in the kitchen.

Size Down The Kitchen

Pick items that can fit into the small space. Pick on smaller stem glasses, smaller cutting boards, a 1 door fridge and other small sized items that are easier to fit in the small space. Keep what you need not what you want.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

One table with leaves will save you the need for two other small tables. A tall stepping stool will act as seating space when you have an extra guest. Look at your common tasks in the kitchen and buy items that can serve two or three needs.

Use Your Vertical Space Well

Maximize your vertical space with cabinets that go as high as possible. If you have a high ceiling, convert the gap between the upper cabinet shelves and the ceiling into extra storage space. You can do this by stacking new cabinets on top of the existing ones for easier conversion.

Use Colours

Avoid darker colors in a small kitchen as they tend to create an illusion of closing off and restriction. Change the color scheme to lighter grey or white. An illusion of larger space is created very well with white or off-white painted cabinets.

Better Organization

You will be surprised at how much space you can free up with re-organization of your kitchen. Label your spaces as per the items to be stored therein. Stick to keeping tumblers in their assigned space instead of mixing them up with plates. This way, larger space can hold larger items while smaller items find their space on smaller shelves.