Kitchen Renovation Ideas

5 Great Kitchen Renovation Ideas That You Can Use Right Now!

Are you looking for the best kitchen renovation ideas? Whether you’re inviting guests to your house or planning to put your house up for sale, the kitchen plays a very important part. A beautiful, well-designed kitchen can transform any house, besides adding anything from $50,000 to $300,000 to the resale value of your house.


Kitchen Countertops

Should you go for an inexpensive laminate kitchen countertop, or a solid-surface countertop made from granite or quartz? The latter is a more expensive option. Made from natural stone, a solid-surface countertop looks very stylish indeed and is an excellent long-term investment. These slabs add value to your kitchen, they require little or no maintenance, and are largely resistant to water, heat and bacteria. They are scratch-proof and unaffected by stains.


Energy Efficient Appliances

This is as good a time as any to replace your old appliances with new energy-efficient kitchen appliances. Always invest in ENERGY STAR® certified appliances for the kitchen such as dishwashers and refrigerators. Not only will you save thousands of dollars on your electricity bills, it is also good for the environment. The new energy efficient kitchen appliances that are sold these days present a very attractive sight indeed.


Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen flooring should be robust enough to resist wear and tear due to humidity and water damage. When it comes to the kitchen flooring, there are essentially four options to choose from – stone tile, vinyl, hardwood and laminate. Stone tiles offer excellent durability and require less maintenance.

Hardwood flooring is just as rugged and durable, resistant to spills and leaks and very attractive to look at. Laminate is a far more affordable option, which is easy to install and looks pretty much the same as hardwood flooring. Vinyl is a good option as well, and feels much softer than the other types of flooring.


Kitchen Furniture

One of the things you could do is to add attractive furniture to the kitchen to spruce up the space. You could, for example, add pot racks to the kitchen, which looks very appealing when stacked with pots and pans. You can also add bar stools of a suitable size to the kitchen island and convert the kitchen into cool place for hanging out with friends.


Kitchen Lighting

Add different types of lighting to the kitchen such as ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting. Track lights and ceiling lights which provide an ambient lighting effect offer a warm and pleasant glow to the kitchen. Task lighting highlights specific areas such as the space above the kitchen island and the under cabinets. Pendant lights, chandeliers are examples of decorative lighting – they make the kitchen look so much more aesthetically pleasing. Accent lighting, such as directional spotlights, focus the visitor’s attention to certain spaces within the kitchen.

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