Kitchen Renovation Styles

5 Kitchen Renovation Styles You Will Fall in Love With! 

Are you looking for the best kitchen renovation styles? Kitchens are no longer just about cooking. The modern-day kitchen is central to how families live and spend their time. They double up as family rooms, hangout spaces for guests, home office, and media centers.

A kitchen renovation is the most important aspect of any home renovation project. The kitchen is the first thing your guests or homebuyers look for in a house and a modern, stylish kitchen can add anything from $50k to $250k to your home’s value.

Keeping this in mind, here’s a look at 5 kitchen renovation styles that you might be interested in.


Country Farmhouse Kitchen

A country farmhouse kitchen has an open and inviting feel to it. You will love the thought of having a country kitchen in home or apartment right in the middle of the city. A country kitchen features a farmhouse-like furniture, cabinets and tables. You will feel right at home and enjoy cooking food in a familiar environment. The colors used in a country kitchen range from various hues of cream, red, yellow and blue. Mix the different colors till you get a combination you like.


Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens make a wonderful addition to your Calgary apartment or home. They have a very sleek and sophisticated look to them. Modern kitchens are not particularly big and are designed to be clutter free. Modern kitchen renovation styles feature hi-tech materials and reflective surfaces combined with authentic wood. You can choose from a range of stools and chairs such as those by Bertoia, Eames and Cherner and other popular brands. Go for seats made of polished wood and Lucite for best effect.


Cottage Charm Kitchens

Cottage Charm Kitchens have a warm and cozy feel to them. They are deliberately designed with imperfect finishes to give the look and feel of an actual cottage. These kitchens are always unique and cannot be replicated. You can add a range of inexpensive artwork to these kitchens, purchased online or from the nearby flea market. Hi-tech appliances in retro colors are the right fit for these kitchens.


Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens are family friendly workspaces where you have a mix of the modern and the traditional, formal and informal. They are perfect for families that cook together, with every member of the family contributing – mom, dad and the kids. Contemporary kitchens are generally spacious with lots of open space and have plenty of room for everyone. They are also great for entertaining guests. Add comfy seating, hi-tech kitchen appliances and gourmet cooking equipment to the kitchen for best effect.


Mediterranean Kitchens

Mediterranean kitchens have a classy, timeless feel to them, and have a bright and sunny look to them. For the best Mediterranean feel, add wooden kitchen cabinets, copper pots, handcrafted ceramic accessories and rich, colorful fabrics. Make sure there is a plenty of natural light, with large open windows, to give the kitchen a warm and open ambience.

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