Kitchen Styles

When designing a kitchen renovation, defining the scope of work and the main goals behind the renovation need to be the initial steps. When designing a new kitchen space, ways in which the kitchen will most commonly be used should be considered first. In both renovations and new construction projects, defining your kitchen style is a key second step to the kitchen design process.

There are so many different kitchen styles and kitchen cabinet styles to choose from. Pure styles can offer strict design and material guidelines. While a blended kitchen style offers more room for creativity.

Modern, traditional and contemporary are 3 popular and truly definable kitchen design styles. Contact Bow Valley Kitchens today to let our professional design team help with your kitchen style definition and accent design options. Call or email us today or visit a Calgary or Canmore Bow Valley Kitchens showroom.   

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Modern Kitchen Styles

Modern kitchens are a defined kitchen style that originated in the 1920’s. Simple and natural elements are commonly found in modern kitchens. These are 5 key elements of a modern kitchen space:

  • Flat Panel, Frameless Cabinets – Slab cabinetry doors, that utilise overhangs for opening, rather than handles, as well as frameless and flat panel designs, are the most common style of cabinetry found in modern kitchens.
  • Simplicity – While more traditional and French Country kitchens rely on ornamentation and stylish designs, modern kitchens utilise simplicity and sleek metallic hardware to create a crisp and bright feel.
  • Natural Materials – With a lack of man-made ornamentation, modern kitchens employ natural wood grains and stone marbling to create eye-catching design aspects.
  • Horizontal Emphasis – An emphasis on horizontal geometric lines are felt in pure modern kitchen designs. Consistent counter top height and stacked cabinetry patterns help promote good flow in the kitchen space.
  • Consistent Accent Pieces – Tables, chairs and lighting fixtures, as well as the appliances in a modern kitchen space, should all resemble a consistent design style.

Traditional Kitchen Styles

Traditional kitchen spaces showcase very specific design elements and architectural styles that promote an upscale, classic and inviting feel.  These are 5 key aspects of traditional kitchens:

  • Detailed Architecture – Detailed chair coverings, cabinetry panels, lighting, accent pieces and more are found in pure traditional kitchens. From the overarching design of the space to each aspect or appliance, you will find intricate details.
  • Inset & Framed Cabinets – Old world style cabinets are commonly found in traditional kitchens. These cabinets display exposed hinges as well as are fully framed and utilise panels and drawers that sit flush with the frames. Bronze, silver, brass and other high-quality metals are often used in these cabinet framing or hinges.
  • Decorative Cabinet Panels – From detailed wood designs to custom material panel insets, your traditional cabinetry places an emphasis on detailed and upscale cabinet panels. Crosshatched mesh and glass inserts are popular specialty panel material items.
  • Ornamental Stove Hoods – Large decorative stove hoods are elements of a truly traditional kitchen. Stove hoods made to look like fireplace hoods or custom shaped plaster and metal can help promote a luxurious and personalised feel.
  • Decorative Lighting Fixtures – Unlike modern and contemporary kitchens that focus on sleek and consistently designed lighting fixtures, traditional spaces use decorative fixtures and chandeliers to add to the upscale and classical feel of the space.

Contemporary Kitchen Styles

Contemporary kitchen designs are ever evolving with emerging trends and innovative options. What is currently considered a contemporary space may come to resemble a simply blended and unique kitchen style as design trends shift in the future. These are 5 characteristics of a contemporary kitchen design:

  • Technology – Cutting edge technology is one of the most definitive attributes of a contemporary space. Sleek, durable and innovative appliances are commonly found in these pioneering kitchens.
  • Material Variety – A multitude of materials are used in contemporary kitchens. Different materials for different aspects of the kitchen as well as multi-material patterns are both utilised.
  • Creative Uses For Classic Materials – Contemporary kitchens are known for creative and revitalised designs. These kitchens can use classic woods and other materials in new and creative ways.
  • Patterned Backsplashes – Crips and clean coloured walls are common in contemporary kitchen spaces. Though the space gains a balance of ornamentation through patterned and colourful backsplashes.
  • Unique Lighting – Lightning fixtures are meant to be somewhat minimalistic and consistent, though need to capture the attention of kitchen visitors. This can be done through technology, with dimming and RGB colour options. Unique and custom light fixture materials can also be used to promote the creative feel.

Kitchen Design Styles

Deciding on pure kitchen design style helps bring forward some of your kitchen design ideas. For example, if you are unable to decide between framed and flat cabinetry, but you know that you want a modern kitchen space, flat cabinetry is likely the best option. Though, designs aspects from several kitchen styles can be used to create a truly custom and unique space. Do not limit your creativity with your style; rather let your ideal kitchen style inspire further design ideas.  No matter what style you go with, your custom kitchen design will always represent your personal character, while ensuring a highly functional kitchen work triangle.