Kitchen Organization Ideas

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of the home, which is why it is so vital that it’s organized in an efficient—yet attractive—way. If you are looking to step up your kitchen organization game, take a look at the following kitchen organization ideas that will give your kitchen a true organized makeover.


Combine traditional kitchen cabinets with open shelves

Open shelves are perfect for keeping your most frequently used items nearby, and they are also perfect for showing off some neat kitchen decor. However, they aren’t exactly practical for storing everything in the kitchen, especially if you have a lot of pots, pans and utensils. If you mix and match open shelves with traditional cabinets, you can have the best of both worlds.


Install sliding panels in your backsplash

A great kitchen backsplash doesn’t have to be just for show! If you install sliding panels inside, you can add some neat (and hidden) storage that will allow you to easily access spices or other small items. Plus, who wouldn’t love to have a hidden compartment in their kitchen?


Store your dishes inside drawers

Instead of stacking all your dishes in cabinets, consider storing them in flat drawers instead! You can install tall pegs that will help keep the different style dishes from clinking together, making them easier to pull out when you need a plate, bowl or other dish.


Keep small appliances hidden

Small appliances like coffee makers, toasters and blenders can really add up in a kitchen–but if you don’t want to keep them out on the counter all the time, install some nifty cabinets that will let you store them in a more attractive way. If you don’t mind them being showcased a little, a cabinet with glass windows can make for a neat addition to the kitchen; or a completely closed cabinet works as well.


Put dividers inside cabinets and drawers

One of the best ways to organize a kitchen without having to alter cabinets or install anything big is simple: dividers. Putting dividers inside cabinets and drawers is a great way to keep everything organized for relatively little cost and effort. Dividers can help separate different types of utensils, dishes, spices, pantry items and everything in between.


Consider built-in appliances

Appliances can make your home look a little disorganized; built-in appliances will make your kitchen look more streamlined and organized. Best of all, they also add to the resale value of your home, which is something to keep in mind for the future. Built-in appliances are a higher cost than the other organization ideas in this list, but they do have a valuable payoff that can be worth the price for many homeowners.

A well-organized kitchen can add to the aesthetic and practical value if your home. If you want your kitchen to be as organized as possible, consider the above kitchen organization ideas to get you started on a new kitchen that is organized, efficient and visually appealing.