Luxury Bathrooms

A bathroom should be relaxing and efficient. As a homeowner you deserve the best from your bathrooms, that is why at Bow Valley Kitchens we specialize in designing and building luxurious bathrooms that offer the best in terms of functionality and elegance. We pride ourselves on installing long lasting bathroom solutions that are inspired by the latest modern designs.


Our Bathroom Services Include

We offer our clients world class bathroom design with custom cabinetry installation. Our design team works with each client to come up with custom designs to suit their home and design preferences. Freedom of choice is what we offer as you can select any design you like, from modern and contemporary bathrooms to traditional and classic we can design and install a bathroom and bathroom cabinetry that is perfect for you and your lifestyle.

When working with our kitchen and bathroom designers you can choose to implement luxury textiles or the latest fixtures and appliances. Beyond that, you can choose the colour scheme that best matches and the lighting that will best suit your needs. We believe in quality workmanship and customer service, and we are able to achieve this through working cohesively with each client maintaining constant and transparent communication.

As experts in the field of luxury bathroom design and custom cabinetry, we work hand in hand with other professionals such as development contractors, luxury home builders, architects, refurbishment specialists and interior designers. Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor you can expect quality work and professional service from the Bow Valley Kitchens team.


Mosaic and Accent Walls for Luxury Bathrooms

Mosaics add a unique and custom feel to any master bathroom or ensuite. A mosaic is an eye-catching addition to a luxury bathroom, providing an elegant look and feel to an otherwise bland wall or floor. A blend of colours makes a mosaic look more like a tonal wall piece or artwork.

We are well detailed in our luxury bathroom designs, from the shape of the mosaic to its hue. Detail is the key to our service, providing uniqueness and breathtaking designs. Mosaic tiles give the bathroom a modern twist and traditional atmosphere.

Large rooms are well aerated and often cold, and movement seems to be a problem, but with accent walls, the airflow problem is solved. Accent walls help demarcate the rooms for easy circulation and natural warmth. Luxury high-end bathrooms need something that stands apart, that is unique and different. The combination of both an accent wall and the mosaic tiles improves the natural airflow while providing an elegant and classy look with modern inspiration.


The Feature Walls and Glass Décor Finishes for Baths

The glass décor finishes for baths and feature walls are nothing but a great combination of technology, professionalism, alchemy, and design that brings out the uniqueness and luxurious look in high-end custom bathrooms. Using a glass wall can create a walk-in shower or separate a wall without confining the space. Glass walls in bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular as they make the room look larger and allow for full utilization of the space.


Bow Valley Kitchens Luxury Bathrooms

Our professional design team will work with you to develop the very best textures, finishes, and cabinetry for your bathroom. Cabinetry is an important part of any luxury bathroom design, that is why we supply and install custom cabinetry that can be made to match traditional and modern bathrooms.

Our team of bathroom and kitchen designers are versatile and can create bathroom designs to match nearly any style. Whether you are looking to develop a new bathroom in a new home project, or create a contemporary and timeless feel in an already existing ensuite you can trust the team at Bow Valley Kitchens.

At Bow Valley Kitchens, we work with bathroom planners, designers, cabinet makers and installation contractors to create magnificent luxury bathrooms. We specialize in custom cabinetry and have installed luxurious cabinets for homes in Calgary and Canmore, creating magnificent luxury bathrooms that are enjoyed for decades to come.

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