6 Elements Of A Contemporary Kitchen

6 Elements of a Contemporary Kitchen

The word contemporary is associated with what is trending and fashionable. As such, a contemporary kitchen features styling that is in vogue as well as the latest kitchen appliances and technology. These elements differ from one kitchen to another, but there are some underlying characteristics that you should watch out for in the quest for a contemporary kitchen.

Latest Appliances

Kitchen technology is highly dynamic.  Items in the kitchen are getting networked such that they can communicate wirelessly.  Today’s fridge will send you an SMS reminding you that the milk has run low.  In a contemporary kitchen, the latest appliances and technologies will feature heavily and stay updated.

Repurposing Old Materials

In the apparel industry, this is called “going retro”. This is achieved in the contemporary kitchen by using traditional materials like concrete and glass in an imaginative and stylish way. For example, an island kitchen can have the island topped with quartz or glass, making the look very clean and modern. Wood paneling can be used alongside chrome to give a look that is both warm and clean.   

In the contemporary kitchen, the traditional colors give way for colors that make stronger statements. For example, the standard grey marble countertop is replaced by luminous green color to give a futuristic look.

Decorative Lighting & Comfortable Seating

A contemporary kitchen is designed for comfort and function. This means putting in place amenities to allow people in the kitchen to banter along as the food cooks. Bar stools and decorative lighting complete the look to accompany the high countertops.

Latest Accessories & Updated Accents

The contemporary kitchen utilizes the latest gadgets in intuitive ways. For example, you will find standup electric outlets on the island. Accent lighting is also used to highlight areas of the kitchen that were ignored before like the space under the countertops.

Use Of A Mix Of Materials, Shapes & Scales

The contemporary kitchen features a mix of materials like glass, wood, fabric and concrete. Layering is done to achieve different patterns and textures. Glass, wood and stone are used to create visual effects which are accentuated by decorative lighting.

A unique look is achieved by avoiding uniformity in scale and shapes. This kitchen will have kitchen cabinets of varying sizes and heights. A luxurious look is achieved with the right mix of wood, stone and fabric.

Unique Backsplashes

Glass tiles, ceramic and mosaic stone are contemporary materials for backsplashes, replacing the usual marble or concrete.

The contemporary look is highly customizable, allowing you to make a personal statement while retaining a highly functioning and comfortable kitchen.