Modern Cabinets

Modern Cabinets create a unique living space that utilizes natural and metallic tones to style a kitchen. Modern kitchens use aluminum textures, leather, glass and/or stone to design the kitchen, bathroom or living area. Kitchen cabinet styles with modern inspiration can create a luxurious and cutting-edge kitchen that will be marveled by those who visit.

Modern kitchens and modern kitchen cabinets use a sleek and bold look and feature metallic or stainless steel accessories. Modern cabinets have simple and striking designs complement the custom kitchen design. If you enjoy the sleek look and modern appeal of modern cabinets, come visit our kitchen showroom or schedule a modern cabinet consultation.

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Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets use geometric elements in the design, creating a unique and elegant appearance. Modern kitchen cabinets have door styles that incorporate straight lines, circles, squares or other geometric shapes to accentuate the kitchen design.

Another popular trait of modern kitchen cabinets is the use of contrasting colors, utilizing dark brown cabinets with a striking blue or lightly colored granite island.

Modern Bathroom Cabinets

Modern Bathroom cabinets often follow the same style as kitchen cabinets, often utilizing contrasting colours and geometric/simple shapes. Straight lines and light tones are often a popular characteristic of modern bathroom cabinets.

Our custom modern bathroom cabinets are designed and installed to the specifications of the homeowner. If you are looking for custom cabinets with modern features contact us today!

Modern Cabinet Design

Modern cabinets have unique characteristics, and the design possibilities are nearly endless. We have designed custom modern cabinets with ranging styles that utilize unique ideas.

Modern cabinets usually feature straight lines and high-gloss finish. We design custom cabinets that match the unique styles and preferences of our clients, using the highest quality modern cabinetry from SieMatic & Old World.

Modern Cabinet Installation

At Bow Valley Kitchens, we supply and instal luxurious modern cabinetry that is customized to the design style and functionality needs of our clients. We make sure that the modern cabinets we instal match the specifications of our client’s kitchens, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Every modern kitchen we design, renovate or instal feature custom cabinetry. Contact us today for a kitchen consultation, or come visit one of our kitchen showrooms.