Modern kitchens are a gorgeous addition to any home, they are designed for look, feel & functionality combining geometric shapes with straight lines and contrasting colours. Bow Valley Kitchens works with German modern kitchen cabinet manufacturer SieMatic to construct gorgeous modern kitchens that have the durability and style to last decades.

Flat Panel Cabinets

One of the defining characteristics of a modern kitchen is the cabinetry used, modern cabinets are often metallic and made of man-made products. One thing that draws people to the design of a modern kitchen is the flat-panel cabinets and the flat-panel doors. One thing to consider when looking for a modern kitchen design is the cabinets used, and if flat-panel doors suit your design style.


Contrasting Colours

Modern kitchens are unique in their use of colours and colour schemes. Modern kitchen design is defined by the colours used, and a popular design trend is the utilisation of contrasting colours. This design trend is one of the reasons people are drawn to modern kitchens, they stand out due to the light and dark tones working together to create a beautiful design. Modern kitchens utilise natural and artificial shadowing and lighting that accentuates the contrasting design colours.

Straight Lines & Geometric Shapes

You can instantly tell the distinctive difference between a modern and traditional kitchen, and that is the shapes used. A modern kitchen has straight lines and geometric shapes in the design and the cabinetry. These shapes set the design tone, and determine the functionality of the space. A luxury kitchen designer will utilize these modern design elements in constructing a custom kitchen. Using flat-panel door and sleek hardware are accentuated by a simple glass backsplash and countertops usually have little to no pattern.

Commercial or Industrial Elements

Modern kitchens have design elements that are inspired by industrial or commercial construction. A modern kitchen will often see metallic tones and solid colours that are popular in the commercial sectors. A custom kitchen with modern inspiration will have high-end appliances that are often commercial grade or better. A kitchen designer will use these elements in the kitchen design to construct a magnificent custom modern kitchen.

Functionality & Storage

One of the most noticeable benefits of a modern kitchen is the storage and functionality of the space. Custom modern kitchens have added storage space that utilizes all the area available, this improves the functionality of the kitchen which is inspired by the floorplan/layout. A modern kitchen uses open concepts and has a unique space that is built for beauty and functionality.