Modern Kitchen Ideas

Modern kitchens create very clean and sleek look that establishes an atmospheres that is sophisticated and cutting edge. There are numerous ideas that establish a modern kitchen, some are unique to a single kitchen while other are the fundamental fixtures of a modern kitchen. Modern kitchen renovations, remodels, and new construction projects implement ideas that define the kitchen.

Modern kitchen cabinets, lighting, and colors help to create a consistent modern theme in the kitchen. Modern kitchen ideas are not the same as contemporary kitchen ideas. Contemporary refers to the style that is currently popular, whereas modern is a specific and defined style from the 1930’s.

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Flat Panel Cabinets

Modern kitchens often place more material value on metallic than on wood, while incorporating flat panel cabinetry. Flat panel or slab cabinetry, showcases a pure piece of material, without grooves or further designs in the cabinet doors. These cabinets are frameless, and utilize a slight overhang for lifting functions, rather than a handle. Flat panel cabinetry can help create a clean and efficient feel within your kitchen.

Contrasting Colours

Utilizing colors that contrast are a common design feature of modern kitchens. Bold with soft colors, bright with dark colors, and natural and manufactured color designs are often placed together in the design of a modern kitchen. This can create a more energetic atmosphere within the kitchen space. The color of your modern kitchen area can affect your personal mood and energy levels, that is why professional modern kitchen designers use an array of colours that blend cohesively but also stand out.

Modern Kitchen Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in the design of any modern kitchen. The lighting fixtures in modern kitchens usually feature unique and artistic builds. Modern kitchens aim to be bright, utilizing natural lighting, with large windows with artificial lighitng blending with the surroundings. Without a large amount of natural light, modern kitchens can rely on luxurious lighting fixtures to create the upbeat, upscale and energetic feel within the kitchen space.