Modern Kitchen Colour Schemes

Modern Kitchen Designs

Modern kitchens are often bright and use natural materials to create an elegant and sleek design. Modern kitchens often use flat-panel cabinets and steel appliances. Though the colours around these design aspects can vary quite drastically.

Darker colours can be better for contrasting bright appliances. A lighter colour scheme can be better for well-lit spaces with natural wood tones. There are several different colour schemes that can look great in your modern kitchen space.

For more information on modern kitchen colour schemes, contact Bow Valley Kitchens and come visit our showroom in Calgary or Canmore. When designing a modern kitchen consider these 10 popular colour schemes:


The use of several grey tones is a common colour scheme for modern kitchens. Using varying shades of a base hue creates monochromatic colour schemes. Greys are perfect for modern kitchen design because grey can offer a wide selection of individual colours that offer lighter cloud like tonnes, to darker near blue shades. Grey can be used to effectively create a diverse colours scheme that still promotes a strong sense of design consistency.

White & Gold

White kitchens look clean, bright and energetic. Though too much white can leave a kitchen space feeling bland or uncomfortable. A small involvement of gold in handles, smaller appliances like taps, stove hoods, and other areas can help promote a sense of luxury and warmth into a white kitchen space.

Orange & Ebony

This vibrant and bold colour pattern is great for kitchen spaces that want to pop! Matte black finishes with high gloss orange cabinetry and accent pieces create a unique feel that is immensely attractive.

Honey & Cherry

Kitchens with large windows providing an abundance of natural lights will look stunning when filled with these rich wooden tones. These woods create a cozy and welcoming space that is hard to match with other colour pallets. Wood paneling in kitchens became popular in the late 1970’s though a more modern feel with horizontal lines and innovative accent pieces is very popular in today’s markets.

Yellow, White & Charcoal

Deep charcoal tones blended with crisp whites make for a clean kitchen design. Charcoals can be used in the paint, furniture, and cabinetry, while the white can interact more with lights in the flooring as well as the base and window boards. Finally, a punch of yellow backsplash, light fixtures or kitchen items can offer a sense of flavor and brightness to the kitchen. This fun colour scheme helps a kitchen stand out and can work well with any level of natural light.

White & Leather

Leather can be used in a modern white kitchen space to provide a sense of relaxation and rustic charm. Leather can offer wood-like tones to suit wooden countertop or floors. Leather helps to slow the perceived pace in an otherwise sleek and clean design.

Coral & Steel

This pallet offers a more subtle and modern take on the classic red, black and white colour scheme. Coral white tones in the cabinetry, paints, and floors mesh perfectly with bright and shine stainless steel appliances. Warm tones of orange or cherry red can be ideal to complete this colour scheme.

Aqua & Tan

Bring the beach to your kitchen spaces with water and sand tones. Aqua coloured walls and backsplash materials create a brightness that plays perfectly with the soft wooden tan tones in the cabinetry. Stainless steel appliances and large amounts of natural light can be ideal for this colour scheme.

Teal, White & Wood

When high gloss teals and whites are used, these can be balanced well with a rich wooden tone. Teal and white represent the ice and water, while the wood represents earth. “Wood” is not a true colour, though this colour scheme offers a selection of rich wood tones to help provide warmth and balance along with the fresh and crisp teals and whites.

Red, White & Blue

In cooperation, cool blues and fiery red helps create a beautiful space full of energy. The addition of white tones can help soften this colour scheme and create a space that radiates happiness.