Kitchen Design

When undergoing a kitchen renovation or remodel project one of the first steps is to design the layout and style of the kitchen. At Bow Valley Kitchens, we know that like every person is different, so is every custom kitchen. That is why our original kitchen designs are always styled to the specifications and customization of the client. Our designers work cohesively with our clients to design a living space that represents the homeowner and their lifestyle.

Our kitchen designers inspire our clients, providing the tools and inspiration to create a kitchen that is all their own. Our designers take our clients ideas and styles helping them create their dream kitchen that is perfect in every precise detail. No matter the preferred style you choose, our designers can create a custom kitchen that is the epitome of luxury.

Kitchen Design Process

  • Consultation & Planning

    Planning ensures a smooth process. Our professional designers will work with you to go over designs and ideas, showing you around our showroom, explaining the different cabinet and kitchen options available.

  • Review Kitchen Design

    Our professional designers will take your designs ideas and preferences and create a customized floor plan for review. The drawn design will show what is needed to create your dream kitchen and cabinetry.

  • Create A Rendering

    After the initial design is agreed and settled we will begin to create a rendering. Our render uses the specifics of your kitchen to create a digital version of the space, providing the look and functionality.

  • Manufacture & Install

    The final step of the kitchen design is to manufacture the custom cabinets and install the kitchen. When the design is approved they are submitted to be manufactured and then our team will install the cabinets.

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