Dream Kitchen Tips

Custom kitchens incorporate your design preferences, needed functionality, desired technology (stoves, fridges, etc.) while matching your unique personality. There are several steps required to create your dream kitchen. At Bow Valley Kitchens we work with you to turn your kitchen ideas into a dream kitchen reality. Your style, appliances, interior design and more can are carefully embedded into your kitchen design.

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Tip 1: Careful Planning

Before any build, kitchen renovation or remodel begins, your kitchen layout, design, proportions, & appliances need to be planned for. Bow Valley Kitchens provides our clients adequate time to plan and consider ideas before construction begins, working with them through each step of the design process. The last thing a homeowner wants is to have to stop a renovation process midway because of their initial kitchen design changes or is inadequate. Plan your dream kitchen space carefully!

Tip 2: Understand The Big Idea

When designing your dream kitchen you need to consider, how will you use your kitchen? Will this be an entertainment center for you and your friends, a high functioning cooking area, a great room for family bonding, or all of the above? The kitchen details, finishes used and the details are important, but one of the most challenging aspects of a kitchen design is to have everyone fully understanding the main idea of the kitchen.  Professional designers at Bow Valley Kitchens can help you stay on track in understanding your dream kitchen’s big idea and help to provide the ideal details that suit this idea.

Tip 3: Know What You Need

Your dream kitchen should embody both your design dreams and your needed functionality. Stay on track and do not get lost in creating a kitchen that is only functional for a specific task. Unwanted appliances or features can simply take up too much space and detract from your kitchens overall appeal. It is important during both the initial planning and idea generation process, as well as in the space design process that homeowners fully understand what they do and do not want in their dream kitchen.

Tip 4: Using The Right Ideas

Your dream kitchen ideas can all come together to form the interior design and layout for your dream kitchen. Having your kitchen ideas focus solely on a single or on a few of aspects of your kitchen, limits the creativity of the design. A homeowner should focus on a range of aspects that can cohesively come together to make the perfect kitchen. If you aren’t quite sure why you like certain kitchens or aren’t sure how to incorporate specific idea, consult a professional Bow Valley Kitchen kitchen designer!