Common Characteristics Of Traditional Kitchens

Traditional Kitchens

One of the most striking elements of classic kitchens is that their architectural features and classic design elements that are sourced with the common materials of 18th, 19th and the early 20th century European and American styles in mind. Different from the modern kitchen where minimalism is the order of the day, traditional kitchens go for detailing and ornamentation to make them elegant and luxurious.

If you would like to have a traditional kitchen, here are the seven characteristics that your kitchen should have

The Use Of Natural Materials  

Traditional kitchens mix different materials like patterned stone and stained wood to give the room a comfortable layered look. Rather than making use fabricated materials like concrete and metal to look sleek, traditional kitchens makes use of natural imperfections of stone and wood to give more detail to the room.

Recessed & Raised Cabinetry 

The choice of cabinetry is one of the major characteristics of a traditional kitchen. Recessed and raised panel cabinets are the norm rather than the flat cabinets. The raised cabinets have large moldings and elaborate profiles. These cabinets also have decorative inserts like metal mesh and glass that are common in dining rooms.

Classic Colours & Stains

There are several types colors used together including list pastels, shades of cream, greens, and grays. The wood is either glazed or stained for an aged and distressed feel in the kitchen. These color and staining options also add a timeless feel in the room.

Crown Moldings  

Another element of the traditional kitchen is keen attention to details. Everything is superbly finished and styled. You will find crown molding commonly used in cabinets and furniture to add some flair.

Natural Floors 

A traditional kitchen does not have the modern and synthetic floors such as laminate floors. Instead, it finds favor in natural materials such as patterned stone, stained hardwood, and tiles.

Custom Range Hoods Are Very Popular 

You will find custom range hood as a focal point in many traditional kitchens. Decorators use such materials as carved stone, customized plaster hoods, ornate metal hoods and wood hoods to add some interest in the kitchen spaces.

Decorative Lighting 

Decorative lighting is commonly used in the kitchen spaces to enhance the detailed look of the traditional kitchens. You can consider such lighting fixtures as lantern-style lights, chandeliers, and recessed task lighting. You will rarely find modern LED systems and other fancy lights that are common in contemporary and modern kitchens.