U-Shaped Kitchen

Homeowners mostly prefer U-shaped kitchen because it affords them sufficient space for food preparation as well as a mini-dining table or simply a place where family and friends can gather. Ideally, U-shaped kitchens are suitable in homes with large kitchens; this is because they require three adjacent walls with ample space in the middle that can be utilized in a variety of ways.


Work-Triangle & U-Shaped Kitchens

Most kitchen layouts adhere to a triangular positioning of these three key elements-stove, sink and refrigerator typically referred to as a work-triangle.” With a “work-triangle,” the intention is to create a convenient path from one workstation to the next in a seamless and effortless manner.

Unlike other kitchen layouts, U-Shaped kitchens utilize three adjacent walls. This formation isolates the three distinct elements of the triangle into different zones. Typically, the sink will be located at the bottom of the U; one adjacent wall will feature cooking appliances such as stoves and ovens while the opposing wall will feature food storage elements such as refrigerator and freezer.

Design Ideas for a U-Shaped Kitchen

As much as the fundamentals of a U-Shaped kitchen are the same, based on the available space homeowners have the option to explore different designs and arrangement ideas that add some appeal and sense of personal style. Some of the common U-Shaped kitchen ideas include

  1. Big and Beautiful

Big kitchens provide adequate room for U-shaped kitchen ideas. Considering that U-shaped kitchen utilizes adjacent wall area, there is plenty of space left in the middle of the room. Homeowners may consider utilizing this area by getting an island-a large working countertop conveniently located at the center of the room that is within reach and can be used for either food preparation or as a temporary storage area.

  1. Small and Functional

Even though U-Shaped kitchens are ideal for large homes with big kitchens, the same can be applied in smaller kitchens too much success.

When designing U-Shaped kitchen in small spaces, consider using bright colors with as much lighting fixtures as possible as they enlighten the space making the kitchen look bigger.

Additionally, it is advisable to declutter the working area and countertops as much as possible by investing in upper wall cabinets.

  1. U-Shaped Kitchen with a Peninsula

Peninsulas are one of the exciting design features of a modern U-shaped kitchen design. They are a favorite aspect for most U-shaped kitchen owners because they provide a casual eating and gathering environment.

A Peninsula opens up your kitchen to family and friends by having an entertainment area right within the kitchen without necessarily creating a crowded environment that might interfere with food preparation.

There are different ways in which you can incorporate a peninsula in your U-shaped kitchen. The images below highlight some common types of U-shaped kitchen with a peninsula.

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